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Accident Prone? Here is How to Fix it

Written by: Tarah Mills

If you find yourself getting into big or small accidents frequently, you can try doing things to turn your luck around and stay more out of harm’s way. Finding ways to make yourself less susceptible to these mishaps can save you from having to endure as many bodily injuries or property damages. Here are a few useful tips for fixing your personal blunders if you’re accident-prone.

Improve Your Physical Fitness

Clumsiness often results from having weak muscles and poor coordination, and exercising regularly can make you stronger and less prone to accidents. Improving your physical fitness can also help you develop better balance, which will be particularly beneficial as you get older. Weight training and activities like running, swimming and cycling can increase your muscular strength and stamina, which can be good for decreasing your chances for accidents. suggests building your core strength by performing exercises like plank variations and bird-dogs.

Be More Patient

You may find yourself getting into more accidents because of a lack of patience on your part. Trying to perform certain tasks while feeling rushed or frustrated can make you more careless in your actions, and this can be a recipe for disaster. Taking the time to calm yourself and think clearly about what you’re doing can save you from many mishaps. Engaging in yoga, meditation or other mind-body exercises that put the mind and body into a calmer state can help you make more rational decisions in your life that lead to better outcomes.

Sharpen Your Memory

Being forgetful is another problem that might increase your chances of experiencing personal blunders regularly. Minimizing the distractions in your life can help you think clearer and focus on important matters that shouldn’t be forgotten. Magnesium is a mineral that can help increase memory capacity, and you can increase your magnesium intake by eating more foods like spinach, almonds and black beans. Turmeric, which is also known to improve memory, can be found in foods like curries and other common Indian cuisine dishes. Placing your housekeys in an area where you’ll remember to take them with you all the time when you go out can also be helpful, but you can always call a local locksmith if you ever get locked out and find yourself wondering, “Where can I find a 24 hour locksmith near me?.”

Sleep Longer and Better

Getting enough sleep can help sharpen your mental focus and make you less prone to accidents, but the quality of your sleep is also important. Adults generally need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to function at their best, and you should make a point to try to sleep for longer periods if you usually get less sleep. To improve the quality of your sleep, you should make sure that your bedroom is dark enough and that your thermostat is set at a temperature that will prevent you from getting too hot or cold.

Address Any Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions are known to affect muscle coordination and other bodily functions that can cause some people to experience accidents more often. Arthritis, joint hypermobility and head injuries are just some of the medical conditions that can put you more in harm’s way if left untreated. Vertigo, which results in frequent dizziness, is another condition that can cause you to commit more personal blunders. Vision problems may also be the result of clumsiness, and improving your vision by wearing corrective lenses or undergoing the right eye procedures can decrease the chances of getting into accidents.

Keep Your Work and Living Spaces Clean

Clutter and other messes in your home and office can create dangerous situations that may result in bodily harm. By keeping walkways clear, you won’t have to worry as much about tripping and falling. Boxes, toys and shoes are among the items that should be cleared from walkways regularly to ensure safer conditions. It’s also important to use cleaning products that won’t make your floors too slick so that you won’t end up slipping and falling. You’ll also want to arrange desks, chairs and other furniture pieces in a way that prevents you from bumping into them.


You don’t have to continue living a life that’s full of accidents. By finding better ways to lessen your chances of personal mishaps, you’ll be able to keep yourself, your property and the people around you much safer.

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