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How To Look & Feel Younger Than You Are

The want to look and feel younger is no new phenomena, nor are blogs that claim to know the answer. But what is relatively new is the latest research, and not just scientific research either. For instance, there was recently a study performed on a thousand photographs, where people had to guess the age of those in the photos. It may not shock you, but a simple smile is what made people look younger. That same simple smile is also what made the people in the photographs feel younger.


But what other tips, tricks, hacks, and a bit of advice are there for people who want to look and feel younger? Well, we have spoken to people that range from scientific researchers to gym-goers to your average next door neighbors, and here is what they had to say.


Yeah, fruit is what makes a lot of people look and feel younger, especially grapes, pears, plums, and berries. The reason for this is that fruit contains sorbitol, which is what gives the fruit its sweetness. But that isn’t all because sorbitol is what scientists call a humectant, a substance that is known to not only attract water but help absorb and retain it too. This is exceptionally good for your skin.



We’re wary of pills – prescription pills – but those that are used as supplements are not bad for you. Things like vitamins, fish oils, and human growth hormone pills. These all capitalize on what your body naturally produces. In fact, many of the people we spoke to recommended these as the 5 best HGH supplements for sale, which are what celebrities tend to use as a way of staying young, both at heart and on their face.



Yup, the oldest trick in the book is still one of the big winners. You see, by simply cleaning yourself you are protecting your skin and ensuring it remains healthy. Just try and avoid using soap. The reason for this is soap tends to dry the skin and strip of moisture. As such, swap it out for a cleanser. Oh, and avoid skin toners too, simply for the fact they are high in alcohol content and that will age you faster than you know.


The way we dress has a big impact on the way we look and feel. It may seem shallow but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. As such, it is worth researching what colors best suit your skin tone and knowing what items of clothing best suit your body shape. All of these things will help your smile and, well, a smile is what has been proven to make you feel and look younger.



Yeah, most superfoods are green, although don’t ignore veg that is red. The thing with greens is they contain Vitamin K, which is so good for your body. It is what helps your blood get to bruisers quicker and better and thus repair you faster. If this is something that interests you then start chomping down on green veggies like kale. The reason we mentioned red veg is because tomatoes are epic, especially when it comes to protecting your skin against UV rays. We all know how bad the sun is for aging people, so add tomatoes to your diet, lots of them.

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