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Having More Consistent Energy Levels Each Day

When you’re generally feeling energetic and driven on a day-to-day basis, life has the potential to be a lot more interesting and exciting, and much richer in potential as well.

By contrast, if your energy levels are highly unpredictable as a rule, and fluctuate wildly day-by-day, it can be difficult to consistently work on different projects or initiatives, or to keep your own sense of momentum and motivation up.

Having more consistent energy levels each day means being able to more reliably put your best foot forward, and to engage with life in the most generally fun, rewarding, and uplifting manner.

Of course, there are plenty of different things that have the potential to influence how energetic you feel on an everyday basis, so there is no perfect “one size fits all” solution to having perfectly consistent energy levels on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, here are a few basic suggestions that are likely to be helpful, when it comes to having more consistent daily energy levels.

Get your circadian rhythm in balance

The body’s circadian rhythm is essentially your internal, unconscious sense of whether it’s day or night — and according to a wide range of different influential researchers, including Satchin Panda, maintaining a properly balanced circadian rhythm may be one of the most important things for overall health and energy levels.

The first thing that influences your circadian rhythm is the amount and type of light that you are exposed to at different points in the day.

Essentially, you want to be exposed to substantial amounts of bright, blue spectrum light in the morning and the early part of the day. This means, among other things, that you may want to consult with a service such as Labor Panes in order to clean and improve your home’s windows if required.

In the evenings — and especially close to bedtime — the situation changes, and it becomes important to limit bright light exposure, and especially to limit blue spectrum light and to emphasize “warmer” shades of light instead.

Recent research has also shown that the times we eat end up impacting our circadian rhythms. Specifically, you should stop eating a few hours before going to bed.

Eat at regular intervals

Different intermittent fasting routines have become quite popular in recent years, and there’s certainly evidence that occasional longer-term fasts — and daily practices like stopping eating a few hours before bed — can be very beneficial for health.

But it’s also the case that going for long stretches of the day without eating has the potential to throw your stress hormone production into disarray, as your body releases more cortisol and adrenaline to mobilize fuel trapped in fat and muscle tissue.

Additionally, your levels of focus and energy can fluctuate significantly when doing this.

Eating nourishing meals — but not gorging yourself — at regular intervals throughout the way may help you to enjoy more consistent and sustainable energy levels as a whole, in addition to better stress management.

Find things to become motivated about each day

The energy levels you have on a daily basis aren’t just down to the physical features of your body, or the way you’re eating or sleeping. The psychological element of “motivation” can be very significant, also.

Essentially, planning out certain tasks and activities each day that you find innately motivating, and are enthusiastic about, can help you to feel a lot more energetic as a whole.

Whether there’s a personal project you have fun working on, a fitness class that you love, or a meet-up with friends that you’re looking forward to, you’re bound to feel more energetic when there are a good number of things motivating you.

Maintain a regular habit of physical activity

Sedentary living naturally diminishes your baseline energy levels. As strange as it may seem at first glance, sitting around all day doesn’t leave you with a great surplus of energy to spend — it seems instead to mean that you simply end up generating less energy overall.

Maintaining a regular habit of physical activity — particular moderate-intensity physical activity like getting in a certain number of steps each day — can be very energizing.

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