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How to Find a Place Calmness In A Stressful World

Stress is real. It is experienced every day by everyone, even if only a little. Unfortunately, as of late everyone seems to be feeling pressure in greater numbers and for longer periods. There are, however, ways to alleviate that ever-present feeling.

There are many different ways to cope with stress. Taking good care of yourself is the first order of business in handling stress. What, exactly, does that mean? A big part of self-care is focusing on yourself. What are your needs right now? What are your needs in the future? Set goals that are easily achievable to give you a sense of accomplishment. Break down bigger goals that will take longer to attain into smaller but manageable mini-goals not to overwhelm yourself. Another option is to move physically into a different space. Sometimes the simple and easy act of changing location can ease your gloomy disposition, especially if you’ve been under quarantine restrictions. Try walking to a neighborhood coffee shop and treat yourself to a favorite drink. Another option is to visit a CBD dispensary. And since you’re already making the purchase, find a dispensary that will give you perks, sort of like at your favorite coffee shop. Get loyalty rewards at Harvest to reap even more benefits for your hard-earned money. The topic of money is swirling with anxiety for many who have experienced job-loss or increased healthcare costs during the pandemic.

If money is a stress-inducer in your life, begin the daily habit of tracking both your financial income and outflow. Knowing where your money goes will mitigate surprise when making routine purchases. There are many apps on the market that you can easily input your data into, or a regular notepad and pen work just as well. There is something cathartic about putting pen to paper. Regarding pen and paper, journaling has taken on a whole new following during the pandemic. It allows you to get all of your feelings out. You can write down concerns, hopes and dreams, as well as the goals as mentioned earlier. A journal will, also, become a diary of sorts that you revisit when “this” is all over. Never underestimate the power of exercise. It encompasses a broad category that can fit into most lifestyles. Some days, the transformative power of yoga might be what your body, spirit, and mind are seeking.

Deep breathing and meditative-like poses are powerful respites for weary souls. Slowing down and shutting down an overactive mind can do wonders for mental health and stress. Another day, a run through the neighborhood to get your heart pumping might be what your body needs. Here is a helpful tutorial for yoga stress relief.

Some other great options for stress reductions are taking a relaxing bath. Since you’re at home anyway, you can take a little longer to soak in the warm water and bath salts or bombs of your choosing. Select a calming aroma such as lavender. Enjoy your favorite music and a glass of wine or a cup of chamomile tea.

At the end of the day, do what is right for you. Try out a few different stress-relieving activities and incorporate them into your life. Take solace and comfort in knowing that you can handle whatever life throws your way. 


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