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How to Recharge Your Mind and Body After Burnout

Dealing with burnout is exhausting, to say the least. If you’ve ever felt the overwhelming feeling of being drained, even on days when you’re supposed to be resting, then there’s a chance you’ve once experienced burnout. In today’s standards, it’s almost as if one should be proud of burnout because it’s supposed to show how busy and productive you are daily. Having to deal with work, your personal life, trying to achieve goals, keep relations going, keeping on top of your health, and just everything else in general just seems far too much. It’s normal and even completely justified in feeling exhausted.

This is especially prevalent if you hardly get any rest or “me-time”. If you’re facing constant exhaustion to the point that you’re totally unhappy then it’s high time to look into making some changes. While it’s not always possible to change your schedule, it can be possible to break away for a bit and recharge yourself. Here are some tips and ideas to help you re-energize your mind, body, and spirit. 

Take a spa day

Whether you want to have your spa day at home, visit a spa or even a hotel, there is something so rejuvenating about this aspect of wellness. The dimmed lights, the candles, the calming sense of lavender and eucalyptus, and the feelings of steam and water bring peace and tranquility to a person. This gives you the chance to sit in a sauna, swim in the pool, relax in the hot tub, or even just sit at one of the lounging chairs. Just make a day where you dedicate it entirely to relaxing and not having a care in the world.

This can also be achieved at home as well. If you have a bathtub, you can add some Epsom salt to it, some essential oils, and even just burn a candle in the dark. This will help you out in de-stressing, improve your muscle functions, and the inflammation within your skin. Also, allow yourself to do a self-care routine such as trying on a facial mask or even an exfoliating scrub.

Get out of the house

Better yet, if you can, just get out of the city or even the country. This is a great way to enjoy your downtime as it’s new scenery. You want to step far away from your workspace. Whether this workspace is in your home office, at an office building, or wherever else. Just stepping away for a few days, not interacting with coworkers, not mentioning work, and not even thinking about work or whatever is causing you to have a busy schedule (such as school). Getting far away will help in changing up the scenery such as staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast. This also gives you the chance to explore, or even be one with nature for a bit.

Try and live healthier

This tip may be obvious but sometimes it’s mostly how we physically feel that causes burnout. If you’re hardly getting any sleep, physical activity, and you’re eating badly, then this is going to make you feel burnout and it’ll affect your mental health too. You’ll want to try to live a healthier lifestyle. Keep an eye on your health and maybe even look into getting a CPR AED Certification Online. Not only will this be a motivator for you to stay on top of your health, but it can even help in being more conscious and aware of other people’s health. 

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