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How To Train Like An Athlete


When it comes to training and getting fit, you might choose training like an athlete. The good news is that you don’t have to train in the Olympics to train like an athlete; you just have to make what you’re already doing something that’s powerful, explosive and effective to get leaner and fitter every time. 


If you have ever watched elite training, you might feel a little overwhelmed about it. The thing is, you don’t have to be elite, nor do you have to spend hours and hours on the treadmill or doing weights. You can instead just maximize your current workouts and do more to train in a way that sees you getting fitter. You can choose things like blood flow restriction cuffs to help you to maximize your workouts, you can get a personal trainer and you can even follow the right diet to become leaner. There are things that you can do to train like an athlete, and here are some of the things that you can get on with.

  1. Be explosive with your workouts. It’s not that you need to up the cardio and start ramping up the box jumps. It’s that you need to make sure that the tempo of your main lifts and use more than slow and controlled repetitions. Be explosive with your movements and you can train harder and faster. This will help you to develop more powerful movements and work out harder. Mixing up the tempo will help here and you can bet that you’ll be able to lift more weight when you attack with ferocity.
  2. Speed up. If you want to build your speed and stamina in the gym, start ramping up your cardio. You have already heard of high intensity interval training and it’s something that really works. You will be able to work and improve your strength as a result. 
  3. Work your core. If you want to train like an athlete, you want to work your abs and core muscles to keep the trunk and center of your body strong. Building your core will help you to support your spine better, offer more support to your limbs and it’ll help to keep you balanced and steady when you’re working out. That stability helps you to train better and faster, and it’s going to help you to build that core up slowly.
  4. Work that butt. Honestly, if you want to make your body stronger, you should concentrate on working your glutes. You’ll be able to build stronger legs and a strong spine when you work your butt. Do twice as much pulling as you do pushing and you’ll be able to create a butt of steel!


Your body is a temple and if you want to be more of an athlete you need to think about how you can train like one. Look up the workouts of athletes similar to you or talk to a personal trainer to get some feedback on how you can optimize your workouts.

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