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Managing Work After Childbirth

It is recommended that you wait for around six weeks before managing work after childbirth. Yet you should also ease back into it with a flexible routine, time management, and a shorter first week back. It can be a very hard transition. So, here are some useful tips for getting back.

Develop a Baby Routine

It can feel like you are at the mercy of your newborn when they require all your attention. But any mother will tell you that it can be predictable. And because of this, you can develop your routine around the needs of your baby and work in sync. Scheduling sleep is one of the hardest parts. But newborn sleep and nap training for 6 month-olds and beyond can be a massive help. And since babies sleep for six to twelve hours per day, you can usually work around this easily.

Work After Childbirth Requires Flexibility

Fortunately, workplaces are more sensitive to the needs of others these days. And many are willing to grant generous flexibility when it comes to illness, special needs, and parenting. If your employer hasn’t offered it already, then you can request some flexible times in your work day. For instance, they will let you come to work a little later than usual or leave earlier. You can even ask for remote work so you can work at home and be with your baby at this crucial stage.

Agree on a Childcare Plan that Works

Having someone to look after your baby is one of the most challenging parts of becoming a new mother. You can ask relatives and friends, but they aren’t always available. Your partner probably has to work full time too. And then there are the costs of professional childcare. A good tip is to rotate how you source your childcare. Perhaps a few days of professional nursery, a day or two with grandparents, and then perhaps a day with a friend. Most people are willing to help.

Prioritize Your Time

Time always seems to slip away from us. And when you are a busy parent, there are never enough hours in the day. This is why it is vital to begin managing your time more effectively:

  • Stand your ground about staying late at work since you need to get home for the baby.
  • Start breaking up your working and personal day with tasks, goals, and To-Do lists.
  • Request permission to work at least one day per week from your home.
  • Delegate work tasks to coworkers and baby tasks to family, friends, and relatives.
  • Schedule time each day for pumping breast milk so it’s ready for when you need it.

Effective time management as a new parent effectively means freeing up as much as you can to spend time with your baby. The baby will need you constantly during the first six months.

Prepare Pumped Milk Ahead of Time

As mentioned, you can prepare breast milk earlier to save time. This is a vital part of being a new mother. And will help you save time later on. You can build up a steady supply of milk that can be frozen and then thawed as and when you need it. If you are at work, you can request time for pumping while there. Most employers are aware of the needs of a new mother. And they will assign a dedicated and private area for you, which they have to do by way of law.

Start Work After Childbirth a Bit Later

You will be tired after giving birth and caring for a newborn. So going back to work will be the last thing on your mind. Or it can cause undue stress. It can help to ask for permission to return to your job a little later in the week. Perhaps on a Wednesday or Thursday. This way, you can spend the final days of the week catching up on what needs to be done and what you have missed. Then you will know what to expect and can prepare for your full work week on Monday.

Don’t Neglect Your Own Needs

Caring for a newborn requires 100% of your attention. Because of this, it’s easy to forget about yourself and what you need. All new mothers find the job exhausting yet extremely rewarding. But your emotions can also be all over the place because of your hormonal changes, anxiety, and the stress of being a new mother. So it helps to get back to doing something you love. Establish a hygiene and beauty routine, take time to exercise, and de-stress how you like to.


Managing work after childbirth can take some getting used to when you need to focus on your baby. Yet you can help yourself by developing a routine around your baby’s sleep. It also helps to manage your time effectively, and of course, try to make some time for your own needs.


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