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No Motivation To Get Fit? The Struggle Is Real

If you have been eager to start exercising and working out, you might have hit a slight road block. You just can’t seem to find the motivation to actually begin training. Instead, you keep pushing it off, keep pushing it off until you look down at the scales and found you’ve gained ten pounds! That’s not what you want, and the best way to avoid it is to make sure you start training and never look back.


Of course, that’s easier said than done so here are a few ways you can boost your levels of motivation, leading you to a fitter future.


Find Your Motivational Mantra


Getting fit is as much about your mind as it is your body. You need to make sure you feel like you can accomplish your goals, lift heavy weights and run farther. One of the ways people do this is with a motivational mantra or slogan. There are literally hundreds of them. You can choose from no pain, no gain, push it to the max, maximum effort, feel the burn, you gotta want it, in it to win it and anything else you can think of.
To use your mantra, when things get tough working out say it to yourself or think it. It might just give you the burst of energy you need to finish that difficult set.

Pumping To The Beat


You might want to try listening to music when you work out and ideally the song you choose should have an awesome beat. That way, you can work out with a rhythm, and most people find this makes things a lot easier for them.


If you hate typical dance music, you’re in luck. Almost every song in existence has a heavy beat equivalent specific for working out. Rock music works too, just watch out for those fast drums because they can completely throw off your rhythm.


Let’s Get Physical


Of course, if you’re still struggling to get rid of that flab hanging over the bed you might want to try hiring a personal trainer. The brilliance of having a personal trainer is that you will have no choice but to exercise. Some even show up at your home to get you up in the morning nice and early for a solid workout. You might think that this is overkill but personal trainers are the secret behind a number of incredible celebrity transformations. We’re looking at you, Chris Pratt. So, if you want that movie star physique, this might be the way to get it.


Change Your Diet


Finally, think about your diet, and no we’re not looking at calories for once. Rather, you need to think about how your diet alters your mood. People who are lethargic often eat unhealthy diets, and it’s nothing to do with any extra weight they might be carrying out. It’s how the food they eat changes their mood and reduces levels of energy. If you’re looking to find the motivation to work out the first step might be getting some greens back in your belly.


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