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Powerful Ways to Take Care of Your Internal Organs

When we think about health and wellbeing, we often focus on what we can see. So, we might think about our weight or physical appearance. We don’t always consider what is happening below the surface unless something goes wrong.


Our internal organs keep us alive. They are the body’s engine and ensure that all vital functions are completed efficiently. We know that a nutritious diet and exercise are necessary for good health, as are maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding stress. There are also additional steps you can take to look after your internal organs.




Your brain runs your whole body. It uses 20% of your overall oxygen and energy and is responsible for all your functions. This includes thinking, feeling, and even breathing.


Getting the required 7-8 hours sleep each night is vital for your brain to work at capacity. It helps stimulate new connections and growth. Being properly hydrated is also vital. Without adequate hydration, the brain becomes less efficient. Getting enough sleep and drinking enough water each day are two of the best things you can do for your brain and your body as a whole.


The brain also needs stimulation. This is the equivalent of a workout. The more you use your brain, the better it functions. As well as feeling happier and more fulfilled, stimulating the brain helps it to create new connections.




High blood pressure and diabetes place us at higher risk of developing kidney disease. Because many kidney problems arise out of other condition, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and to establish a regular exercise regime. A balanced diet will ensure your body receives vital minerals and vitamins. Fruit, vegetables, and grains are important. Avoid eating too much salt of fatty foods.


Suspected problems with kidneys or other urological functions should be addressed immediately, and treatments sought. Information can be sourced from Comprehensive Urology or other organizations.




The liver has many functions including cleaning the blood, producing bile, and storing energy. Like all other organs, it requires a healthy diet and exercise plan to function at its best. Consuming a lot of fatty foods and being overweight can lead to non-alcoholic liver disease.


Alcohol is also bad for the liver as it can damage or destroy liver cell. So it is important to limit your alcohol consumption. Some medications are also damaging to the liver. It is, therefore, important to take the correct medication in the right doses. Always speak to your doctor if you’re unsure.




Each day we breathe around 20,000 times. Our lungs make this possible. The first step to taking care of your lungs is to avoid smoking. If you already smoke, you should quit. There are no safe levels when it comes to smoking, and it can lead to life-threatening illnesses including cancer and COPD.


Internal and external air pollution can have a negative impact on the lungs. Try to avoid sources of pollution where possible. In the home, consider air cleaners and remove pollutants such as pet dander and mold, etc.


The next time you embark on a health reboot, give your internal organs some thought. Making simple changes to your lifestyle has a powerful impact.

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