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The Biggest Risks To Your Health Under Forty

The most significant risk factor for getting sick is becoming older. As our bodies age, their ability to fight off disease declines, and they eventually succumb. 

People under forty, however, shouldn’t ignore their health. Even though they are more robust than older folks, there are still plenty of ways things could go wrong.

Here are the biggest health risks if you sit in this age group. 

Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are now a staple of the modern world. Clearly, there is a problem with how we’ve arranged our society. If there weren’t, there would be fewer people with anxiety and depression. 


Whatever the underlying causes of this epidemic, there’s no doubt that it is taking its toll on younger folk. Suicide is now the second-leading cause of death in this age group, underscoring the importance of wellness in the modern age. 


Accidents On The Road


Last year, the state of Florida alone issued 197,618 careless driving citations. And those were just for the drivers they caught. No doubt, there were millions of other offenses that went unticketed. 

Road safety is a massive issue in our culture. Every year, tens of thousands of people die on the roads, causing tragedy for countless families. 

Therefore, young people should do whatever they can to mitigate the risk of getting involved in a collision. Injury on the roads can have life-long consequences. 

Stress-Related Conditions

Many people under forty feel intense pressure to work hard and get ahead in their lives. So much so, that it can lead them to untenable levels of stress and burnout. 

Evolution didn’t design humans to spend every waking hour working on various projects. Sometimes we need to take a break and experience deep rest. That means no stress, no notifications on your phone, and no last-minute emails to your boss. 

The Coronavirus

When it comes to health, the coronavirus is the elephant in the room. Governments have shut down civilization in the name of preventing its spread.

Importantly, COVID-19 isn’t just a disease that hurts seniors. It is also a condition that can damage younger people too. Around 40 percent of all cases that go to intensive care are among the under 55s

By now, you should have a good idea of how to keep yourself safe. Stand more than two meters away from other people, wear a face covering, and wash your hands regularly throughout the day. 

High BMI

High body mass index isn’t a condition in itself, but it can profoundly affect your health. 

We live in a culture in which food is readily available wherever you look. You only need to step out of your house, and immediately, you’re just a few meters away from a McDonald’s or Wendy’s. 

What’s more, advertising encourages us to eat all the time. It is perfectly normal to eat dinner at 7 pm and then continue snacking in front of the TV until well into the night. 

These behaviors lead to weight gain, which eventually causes metabolic problems. Avoiding high BMI requires cutting out the junk and eating food as it comes out of the ground. 

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