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We Introduce to You – Wunderkind Candle Company


Wunderkind Ltd. Co., the new candle company geared towards young women and women who are young at heart, today officially announced its product launch that includes six unique scents in 6 ounce jar form. The six new fragrances brighten up any space with amazing scents that are sure to bring life to your nostrils. Wunderkind’s candles are the perfect home decor gift for holidays or birthdays, and the company even offers bulk personalized options for special events. Available for purchase now at, these new treats are sure to be a hit! Be on the lookout for new fragrances and products from Wunderkind Ltd. Co.  in the future.

Collections and Scents


Basic 01: Linen- Few things smell better than freshly washed clothes! Make sure to surround yourself with this classic scent that never disappoints.

Basic 02: Vanilla Bean-Escape to the sweet land of vanilla bean dreams! But don’t blame us if you’re tempted to cheat on your diet with a pint of your favorite ice cream…

Basic 03: Floral Citrus- The smell of lemons and lavender reminds us of a beautiful springtime day. Keep it light and sweet year round with this fun scent!


Signature 01: Egyptian- Feminine hints of jasmine, vanilla, and violet with masculine touches of sandalwood and musk. It literally has everything!


Seasonal 01: Cranberry Mint- The fragrance of mint and cranberries are sure to get you prepared for fall and winter festivities.


Social Media

Instagram: @wunderkindltdco

Soundcloud: WunderWorld


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