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Planning the Perfect Anniversary for Your Partner

If you have a partner, chances are, you celebrate an anniversary of some sort. Perhaps it’s the day you went on a first date, maybe it’s the date you made your relationship official, or maybe you’re married and celebrate your wedding anniversary. Whatever milestone in your relationship you’re celebrating, it creates a great opportunity for you and your partner to recognize your love, remember the great times you’ve had and look forward to the great times you have ahead together. Of course, a good anniversary celebration is going to take some planning, so here are some top tips that can help with the process.


Set the Date


It’s always good to set yourself reminders of your upcoming anniversary so that you definitely remember it and provide yourself with plenty of opportunity to plan something special. You also need to consider your schedule and your partner’s schedule in this. If your anniversary falls on a week day, you might prefer to plan something for the evening or the closest weekend. Alternatively, you might both want to book the day off work, which will require advance notice.


Set a Budget


Of course, we’d all love to give our partner the moon and the stars. But you do need to set a budget to avoid putting either of you under excessive financial strain. Come up with something reasonable that you can stick to and then make sure to plan around this sum of money.




Are you the type of couple who like to gift one another on this occasion? There are all sorts of romantic offerings you could come up with. Of course, the right gift for your partner will depend entirely on their tastes, preferences and interests, so only you will be able to settle on the right option for them. Popular choices include flowers, chocolates, lingerie like thongs and bra sets or something that your loved one has really had their heart set on.


A Meal


A meal is a great way to spend some quality time together over good food and drinks. Does your loved one have a favorite cafe or restaurant? Is there somewhere they’ve wanted to try for a while? Do they have a preferred cuisine or type of food? Take some time to consider where they might like to go best and make a reservation. This will ensure you have a seat and you can even make specific requests, such as a table by the window.


A Break


Got a bigger budget to spend? How about booking a city break or getaway? This can be something to really look forward to, however you will probably need to give your partner advance notice of this plan, as they’ll need to pack, check their passport, get travel insurance and also might want to get their hair or nails done.


These are just a few suggestions, but they are tried and tested and can help you to arrange the perfect anniversary for you and your partner!

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