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5 Creativity Boost for Kids Over the Holidays

Written by: Stephanie

Creativity is more important than some parents know. It could help reduce stress, fortify self-esteem, and encourage seamless problem-solving skills. The holidays are coming, and your kids will have a lot of time to boost their creativity, which can be done in the following ways.


Boosting your child’s creativity is all about investing in their abilities. A parent is usually supportive, but a parent who wants to take things up a notch is going to make moves that foster their children’s talents like acting.


You could start with small things like letting your kid put on a play at home, but you can branch out and have him or her join local community theater productions or get Broadway training. Now, if you want your child to audition for competitive roles, it may be a good idea to invest in drama and acting classes. You want to find acting coaches who know what they’re doing and have an impressive resume so that they can guide your child in the right direction.


Dancing is another way you can foster your kid’s talents. It’s easy to see if your kid has a little rhythm in the soul. If your child’s eyes light up every time he or she dances, then your kid may enjoy this art form.


If you want to encourage this, you can put your kid in dance academies. Expose your child to different types of dance styles to see what he or she does best. Let that lead your choices for your child. Once your kid gets serious about dancing, it’s going to get challenging, but you’ll be there to show support.


You know that your heart soars when you hear your child sing that perfect little number. You hear your child sing all the time, and it’s time to invest in that voice. Yes, a big part of being a good singer comes from natural ability, but there’s a second component that involves technique.

If you think your kid may want to sing professionally at some point, then he or she needs to learn helpful techniques. For example, your kid needs to learn the importance of over-pronunciation when singing or how to sing in a way that protects the vocal cords. All of this is vital if you want your kid to have an opportunity to do what he or she loves.


Painting is quite creative, and it could be something your child wants to do for the rest of his or her life. If you notice that your child turns everything into a painting, it might be time to develop that talent. You may notice that your child attempts to do self-portraits, or maybe you notice that your kid focuses on painting more than anything else.


Once you see that, it might be time to take things to the next level. You’ll want to seek out an online class or a local art studio that tries to teach children about painting. They’ll learn everything, from color schemes to various techniques. Talk to the instructor and share some observations with the professional. This could help nurture this natural talent.


Storytelling helped human beings pass down knowledge to the next generation. There are ways to tell a story, and you need to pay attention to what your child is most interested in. Some kids want to tell stories through images like movies or shows, while others prefer to write down their stories.


If your child has a talent for storytelling, you’ll see it when he or she tells you a story. A storyteller can hook you with his or her ideas. A child might not know all the rules just yet and might need to refine skills, but if your child can hook you, even with those mistakes, then you need to support it. Your child could take storytelling classes or could join a camp dedicated to film making or writing over the holidays.

You know how to boost your child’s creativity, and your kid has the time during the holidays to refine talents. Art is expressed in many ways, so just keep an eye on your child to see what he or she expresses naturally.


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