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How Will A Career Change Work For You?

Taking the leap out of your comfort zone can be daunting. When considering a career change there are many important things to think about. These can include the reasons why you feel dissatisfied in your current position and what has led you to feel that way. There are also many questions to ask yourself. What can you do to improve the situation? Does this mean going into further education and will you need a new qualification? Do you have the experience and skills suited to your new field of choice? Is it necessary to change fields entirely or are you just in a rut in your current company? The main thing you need to consider is if the ideal results of what you expect from this career change match up to your expectations for the future. There are several points you need to think about when embarking on this life-changing journey. 

Your current job

It’s a good idea to make a pros and cons list here. This is still important even if you’ve already made the final decision to leave. Firstly, you need to figure out what exactly bothers you about your current role, or company. It might not be the job or the field. If this is the case may be a sideways change would be more appropriate for you. Think about your working environment. Do you enjoy working with people, or individually? What aspects of your current job do you prefer doing? Which ones do you consider to be your strengths? This type of analysis will help to decide what type of role is right for you, by breaking it down into everyday tasks and situations. 

Your skills and qualifications

Are there transferable skills you can take from your previous experience into your new career choice? It might be another list you need to make, before you consider quitting and applying for new roles. This relates back to the previous point, so try to be analytical.


If getting a new qualification is the way into your new job, consider carrying on working while studying online. Online courses are just as prestigious nowadays and a more convenient option for many people. You can add to your current position by doing a specified Master’s for example. A masters of business intelligence can be available in various concentrations, such as healthcare administration, accounting, and finance. Consider involving your current employer as they will possibly offer you some funding, or if not give you more flexibility as having more qualified staff will greatly benefit them as well. 

Your options

The great thing is that a career change doesn’t tend to be frowned upon at any age and you can always give it a positive spin, as long as you make sure you do your research. There are many testimonies available online and expert advice. Consider testing the water before taking the full plunge. You could try a side gig or volunteer in the area you are considering, without giving up your day job. 

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