4 Reasons You Should Try a New Sport (and Where to Start)

These days it is easy to feel under pressure to get fit and stay healthy by taking part in some regular exercise. This is not just a good way to lose a few extra pounds but is also a good way to meet new people and make friends and build self-confidence.

Regular trips to the gym can be quite unappealing for most people, however, and not many people find jogging on a treadmill or pumping iron much fun or very inspiring. Taking up a new sport is a much more fun way to get fit, as well as being a great way to make friends. Here are our top four reasons why you should try a new sport, and some ideas of where to start.

Discovering a New Sport is an Adventure!

Going to the gym can be a grind sometimes. Pushing yourself through miles on a treadmill, or ‘dread-mill’, is nothing to look forward to. This is one of the reasons so many people struggle to make going to the gym a regular part of their week.

Playing a sport is different. You can have lots of fun with your teammates (or opponents) while learning the rules of the game and the techniques you need to play; no matter what sport you choose. Team sports are a great way to make new friends.

It Is Good for the Mind as Well as the Body

There are many studies that suggest that exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body, and learning a new sport can also help you develop your cognitive functions while you develop your muscles.

A sport like baseball is great for hand to eye coordination, as well as giving your math and strategy skills a good work out. You can get a portable pitcher’s mound to practice pitching from at home which will help you develop your skills for games, and get the regular exercise you need.

Learning a New Sport is a Challenge that Builds Self-Confidence

People are often looking for new challenges in life, but make the mistake of overlooking a new sport. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to learn a new sport and develop the skills and techniques you need to excel.

If you have a sport that you have always wanted to try but held yourself back from, do that first. The sense of satisfaction that comes from challenging yourself and succeeding can do wonders for your self-confidence.

It Is Not as Scary as You Might Think

High school has, unfortunately, left many people with some psychological scars when it comes to sports. Though it had the best intentions, high school sports lessons have made many people ‘sport averse’, thinking that taking part in a team sport means getting hit in the face with a dodgeball or ‘whiffing’ a ball when it was their turn to bat.

Don’t be put off by high school memories. It is a lot different playing sport as an adult, and you may banish a few awkward teenage memories for good when you hit a home run out of the park! Learning a new sport as an adult is a very different experience from high school, and you won’t be alone either. Everyday people join softball teams or athletic clubs and become a part of a sporting community, where people support each other and help one another improve their skills – especially if it is a team sport!

Playing sports is a lot of fun, a fantastic way to stay fit, and a great way to meet new people and make new friends. What are you waiting for? Find a sport that you are interested in and join a club or team today!

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