Is It To Early for NFL Playoff Predictions

By: @BluSatire

Well we have reached the halfway point in the 2016 NFL season and it has already been pretty eventful. Protest, retirements, controversy and many other things have swept the league.  I don’t know if you all know, but this has been a year where the NFL has had the lowest ratings.  We have had a lot of distractions from many places but this season has been interesting.  I’m here to give you my prediction’s on who will make the playoffs, and quite frankly it’s pretty hard to do that.  Besides a couple of teams, most teams have been back and forth with their records. Anyone can make a turn around and push for that final wild card spot.


Who I believe will be holding the number 1 seed in AFC as a surprise to no one at 7-1 are the New England Patriots.  4 Games without Tom Brady… No Problem at all.  They are definitely Super Bowl Favorites.


The Number 2 seed at 7-2 and one of my favorite stories so far in the NFL are the Oakland Raiders.  Many have been waiting for them to finally gel and become a playoff threat.  Their schedule looks favorable for them to keep this lead, but they do have to play the Broncos twice, who are not far from them record wise.


As far as the wild card race, I believe The Houston Texans will have the 3rd seed with their improving year.  Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens will find a way to keep his team in he playoffs with the 4th seed.  The Kansas chiefs will finish strong enough to get the 5th seed while the Denver Broncos will get the 6th seed.  Oddly enough, the Broncos and the Chiefs have a chance to switch with Oakland since they are in the same division, making the AFC West very interesting.  Also If Big Ben can get healthy and carry his team, this will indeed cost some shake up as the AFC North is wide open.


I never thought Id say this, but The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite to hold on to that number 1 seed in the NFC, and are playing the best football of anyone right now in my opinion.  Led by rookies with great work ethic, an offensive line that still protects better than average, they just might go all the way.  Only thing that can defeat the Cowboys, is the Cowboys, and with winter coming, you know how it usually gets.


The number 2 seed, will be a little harder to predict.  As much as I want to go with Atlanta, I don’t doubt that Minnesota or Seattle can bounce back.  The Vikings have been playing great without AP.  If the Falcons start to lose, The saints control their own destiny.  The Lions also find a way to win.  But for now, I will go with the Falcons, because they do tend to win regular season, its just post season that causes them problems.


As far as wild card matches, its pretty much up for grabs.  There is a possibility that most of The NFC east could end up in the playoffs.  Seattle will come through with the 3rd seed, while the Vikings get the 4th.  The Giants will finish with the seed and I think the lion can sneak in with the 6th seed.  The packers can come back from their season as well as the eagles and the cardinals, so expect them to shake things up in the end.


This season besides a couple team is pretty up  for grabs.  This was actually harder to do than I thought.  But here is my predictions, which are sure to change !


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