Are You Extreme Enough for These Sports?

A lot of people love to engage in sports recreation. But how many people do you know engage in extreme sports? Of course, the term “extreme” leads to a lot of misunderstandings. There are a lot of sports out there that you may not see as extreme at first, despite them being labelled as such.

If you’re interested in adding some kick to your recreational sports routine, you might want to check these activities out. They’re among the most accessible sports in the “extreme” category. (Technically, the most accessible one out there is parkour. But people tend to prefer to watch parkour more than they want to participate in it!)




Skiing is definitely something that scares a lot of people. After all, you’re going downhill at very high speeds and in a very cold climate. (The extreme cold isn’t always necessary. Skiing arenas can simulate good skiing conditions without being Arctic!) People who haven’t tried it, understandably, assume they’re going to fall over at first. But wouldn’t that put you in extreme danger while going downhill at such a speed? Here’s what you should understand: it’s not as dangerous as it looks. There are also some great resources available when it comes to learning and rentals. Check out Vista Bahn Ski Rentals for more information.




Obviously, there’s motorcycling and then there’s motorcycling. Most people who motorcycle are just using it as an alternative to a car. But some people actually pursue it as a sport. There are probably venues that allow for extreme “freestyle” motorcycling not too far away from you! It can be a real rush if you’ve got some motorcycling experience under your belt already. But it doesn’t exactly help you get fit. Also, it’s really loud. If you’re not into a whole lot of noise, then you may want to look elsewhere. Of course, if you don’t like noise, then people are probably going to be questioning how “extreme” you really are!




This is something that people often only see younger people doing. If you know any skateboarders, they’re probably teens, or are people who have been doing it since their teens. There’s actually a pretty good reason for that. More than perhaps any other sport, skateboarding is going to see you injured several times as you get to grips with it. Younger people have more of a physical tolerance for that sort of thing! But this doesn’t mean you should write it off completely just because you’re no longer going through puberty. But if you’re strong and healthy – and brave! – it’s more realistic than you might think.



Rock climbing

More than anything else on this list, this requires strength. It definitely requires some guts, although maybe not as much as you’d think. There are indoor venues out there than let you engage in rock climbing without the dizzying heights. Of course, rock climbing vacations are another matter entirely. Colorado is a very popular place for it. There are definitely great heights involved, but the safety equipment will keep you safer than you may think. Rock climbing also makes for incredible exercise, perhaps the most effective on the list.

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