So, What’s The State Of Major League Baseball in 2017?

Even a run-of-the-mill baseball fan can spit a bunch of baseball statistics if you push them hard enough. What about Ted Williams’ .406, Pete Rose; 4,256 or Babe Ruth’s 714. All of these statistics will live on in the baseball hall of fame.

But when you dig a little deeper, you find out, as sites like show, that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface. Modern baseball fans are exposed to statistics like “Fielding Independent Pitching” and “Wins Above Replacement” as well as the average ticket price or the price of beer at the ballpark.

Here we’re going to get a handle on some of the figures coming out of major baseball this year. Prepare to be both shocked and amazed.

4 to 1 Better Odds On Chicago Cubs To Win

It’s been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. But at the beginning of 2016, the Cubs were odds-on favorites to claim the title, thanks to a good run in 2015, the season before. Betting odds reached 4 to 1 before the start of the season, indicating that the bookies had a good feeling  – or a bad feeling, depending on their perspective – about the team’s prospects this year.

Average Hot Dog Price

We all love a good hot dog in front of a game. But last year, the average hot dog price charged by the Mets was $6,25. That made it the most expensive hot dog you can buy in the entire league. The average price of a hot dog, according to, across all Major League baseball stadiums was $4.39, so not exactly cheap.

Beer Prices

But what about beer? That’s  more important than hot dogs, right? According to a Team Marketing Report, the average price of a small beer at Major League events was $5.98. But that was considerably less than the price charged by the Red Sox, where fans hand over more than $7.75 for a beer.

Ticket Prices

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