Steph Curry vs Lebron James , The Real Reasons Cavs Win the 2016 NBA Finals

Author : Adam Payne

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Curry has been the unstoppable force taking the league by storm, obliterating every opponent in his path for the last 2 years.

James has been the immovable object going to the Finals 6 straight years. For the first time this decade, Best Player in the World has a legit debate. And as we prepare for rematch of century, it comes with two players that are as opposite as night and day.

Stephen Curry relies on skill, precision, and marksmanship from the 3 point line. Simply put, he is the leading figurehead in the 3 point revolution. A point guard, few expected to be good, let alone great surrounded by a team so versatile, their best lineup features position-less basketball.

LeBron James is a player so unique yet adaptable, you can put him on any team in any era, and no one would question if he would thrive. Lately however, in a bit of irony, his team adapted that 3 point shooting of Curry and the Warriors. If Batman were to really fight Superman on the basketball court, you could put these two in those costumes (with better narrative coherence Zack Synder).

LeBron has been crowned King James since high school. The Chosen One. Cleveland’s savior. You name it, and he was it. Curry was barely even recruited out of high school. His father’s alma mater only offered him a walk on position.

For James “I’ve never had to work in an office. It’s never as bad or as good its gets.” Coming from such a hard background, James feels grateful to be in his position no matter what the outcome. Curry came from basketball privilege and has always felt slighted.

It becomes an interesting look into their respective personas. One has always been crowed the best, the other is out to prove it. LeBron looks like a cyborg, built in a lab but psychologically and oddly human. He’s made mistakes such as The Decision. He’s sent out cryptic tweets and failed in the Finals. Stephen looks like he could work in an office. Sure, 6’3 is a little tall but 180 pounds makes him very ordinary appearing. His family image seems perfect. The last two years have seen him and his team achieve everything put in front of them.

Its quite odd that he could achieve so much when he does not look like the superhuman LeBron does. It’s what makes them opposites.  LeBron is confident first then humble second. Curry is humble first, then confident second. James has athleticism that unmatched but his skill is very much at top of the charts.

Curry’s skill is unlike anything the NBA has seen but don’t for a second think he is not “athletic enough.”

The shooting point guard vs. The all position small forward. White collar tech enhanced Bay area California vs. Blue collar hard working Cleveland, Ohio. The revolution vs. The mainstay. Strength vs. Speed. Post vs. Three. All of this has lead to the matchup of the decade. For basketball and casual fans, get your popcorn ready. You will not want to miss this.

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