Top 3 Dont’s of a Super Bowl Party – (Sorry For #1 Ladies)

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and you’re about to head out the door to a watch party. The Culture Supplier thought of some last minute tips to make sure you’re not “that guy” we give the side eye to all night


3. Don’t show up empty handed. Bring a case or liter of something;
Grab some Uno cards, dominoes..anything! You were raised better than that.

IMG_3909 (1)

2. If your team isn’t in the game, accept it. No one wants to hear “see, my team wouldn’t of did that lil play..” SHUT UP! 

FullSizeRender (4)

1. Fellas, if you know your girl is the one that ask all those questions during the games…leave her at home, we don’t want to feel your struggle.

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