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The Story Behind Bangers ,Brunch, and Good Culture

Author : Joann Emale

Every now and again, there is a set of individuals who come up with an idea, that not only shapes the culture, but brings something Good to the community. Kenny Reeves and T. Lee are Dallas natives who graduated from the University of North Texas.

As undergraduates, they were a part of a group called Home Team that frequently threw events and parties for university students to let loose and have a good time. I attended a few events of theirs back in my heyday as well. Upon graduating college and entering the real world, T.Lee and Kenny got bored with the Dallas social scene. From being “unimpressed” with the opportunities available for millennial minorities to partake in the city, they decide to begin hosting their own events.

In 2015, these two professionals decided to, “Give the city something it didn’t have, something different then a turn up in the club.” Good Culture was curated from the lack of diverse events to enjoy in the city for young minority millennials.

T. Lee stated, “We wanted to create a different avenue to build social networks. We wanted to do so in a way that gave like-minded individuals, young minority professionals, a way to let loose without doing the same thing week after week.”  Kenny elaborated that thought and stated, “Let’s be honest, in Dallas, what is there to do for minorities who are young professionals? When we try to brunch, or go to an art event, we get side eyed a bit. Like we don’t belong.  All I was doing at one point in time was going to the club, or a happy hour, or just going to kickbacks to hang out with friends. We learned in school so much about the world around us, yet we are limited to ways to experience it in a way that is catered to the culture we connect to.”  That disconnect from the City of Dallas propelled them to not only throw events, but infuse aspects of our culture that make us enjoy our environment.

As a young professional minority myself, I can relate! I try to go to places like Uptown in Dallas with my friends, and inevitably, one of my friends in “sneakers” is going to destroy the ambiance and cannot get in. I always felt disconnected from my culture and what I truly enjoyed doing because the opportunity to do so was never available for me. From hearing sentiments like my own, they began to throw more and more unique events that not only gave young minorities an outlet, but gave them something more rewarding. T lee wanted, “A chance to listen to the music you want, dress how you feel, yet still be a professional. The goal is to put minorities in a better light as far as entertainment in Dallas is concerned.”

“There is always more than one way to skin a cat. We can specialize in throwing club parties, that’s easy, but what do you gain from that?” Kenny goes on to say, “Good Culture was created to always provide you with art, music, fashion, and sports. We are always going to put our culture on display; a good display.”  As the months go by and the events get more elaborate, the men of Good Culture are looking forward to another successful event. They recently hosted the “Play Next Party”, which was an unconventional way for attendees to play the next song of their choice in a venue that allowed for them to socialize with other professionals. In a little over a week, they will host yet another event entitled “Bangers and Brunch: A Dallas Original “

On May 14th, Bangers and Brunch will take place in Dallas, Texas at Lofty Spaces from 12 PM to 3 PM. The event was spawned by the fandom of rap star Future and the love of brunch by Dallasites.  “We love brunch, almost as much as we love Future, so why not combined both with phenomenal cuisine and art for us to enjoy on a beautiful Saturday.”  They hope to continue hosting events of this likeness and will not stop until they can take this initiative nationwide. “If people in Dallas feel like this, there is someone in D.C who feels the same way, someone in Denver who can’t find a decent event to go to with friends, that’s why Good Culture is not just a Dallas focus, we want to go nationwide and impact our culture completely.”

You will always be disconnected from the entertainment that was not specifically created for you.  Good Culture definitely ensures for that not to be the case. As young millennials in Dallas, we not only need to applaud these young brothers on taking a Good first step in the right direction, but thank them for showing the world that there is more to Dallas that meets the eye. I will be at brunch on Saturday, can’t wait to see you there.

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