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12 Businesses Using Blockchain Tech the Most Innovative Way

By: Grace Carter


Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in particular are becoming big business with many industry and tech insiders exploring the idea of integrating these currencies into their own platforms.

Several start-ups have already harnessed the power of cryptocurrency and are moving quickly towards the future. Here are 12 to watch:

  1. ImpactPPA

This smart company works to connect Blockchain users to environmentally sound and sustainable projects. Its aim is to encourage long-term solutions, especially in the field of renewable energy.

  1. FR8.

Minimizing the impact of empty haulage and moving of assets, this company plans on using Blockchain to help make all records digital in a bid to organize the industry so much better.

  1. SnipChain

A company already working with some big names in parcel and distribution such as UPS and DHL, this platform allows users to follow end-to-end tracking and tracing. SnipChain is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and has just announced a pilot programm with Perdue Farms.

  1. ODEM

Using the power of Blockchain this platform operates as an education market, which means more and more people will be access to education at a lower cost. This in turn will have the effect of bridging the gap in education across the globe and creating a more equal playing field for everyone, everywhere.

  1. Photochain

This platform is a photo stock site built on Blockchain technology. Artists using this site will get paid for any use of their photos. It also eliminates the middlemen who often take a large cut of the profit.

  1. BoonTech

Cited as the next big thing for freelancers, this micro site is built on Blockchain. Tech writer at Boomessays and Academized, Daryl Greene said: “This is an exciting time for cryptocurrency and this startup has really harnessed the power of Blockchain and will play a huge part in its future use.”

  1. Nano Vision

This decentralized vision of global healthcare is setting the pace in utilizing bitcoin technology to further disease control globally. Anyone with an interest will have access to data and use it to further research and development.

  1. BuzzShow

Again a decentralized community but which rewards people who create, edit and upload video content. Makers retain full control over their creation.

Business development organize at Essayroo and UKWritings Susan Wilson said: “This kind of startup economy really helps the creative community to retain ownership of its products and rewards them for seeing a project through to completion.”

  1. MEvU

This decentralized platform allows people to bet online in the form of peer betting, that is against each other, on anything, against anyone and at any time. Blockchain funds are stored through Blockchain accounts that mean funds are kept securely.

  1. IOST

Services using this intermediary platform will cut out the middlemen and allow companies using it to build on Blockchain and create decentralized applications. Building on these cryptocurrencies also adds an extra element of security to give users even greater confidence in the product.

  1. Patron

Started by a Japanese entrepreneur this platform is built on Blockchain technology and works to connect significant influencers with various brands. This company has already experienced great success and raised $10 million so far.

  1. Inverniam

This platform uses Decentralized Ledger Technology to successfully create a tokenised debt instrument. This token is a passkey for everything associated with the debt and lasts for the lifetime of the debt.

There is no doubt about it cryptocurrency and Blockchain are becoming the central system of companies across the world. With their intelligent and safe networks of intuitive contracts that start from a point of decentralized information. They provide impressive security and high-speed data transfer that is second to none.

There aren’t many industries that could fail to get excited by these incredible advancements, particularly in areas where currency changes hands and where security of safe transfer is a necessity.

This list may just be 12 start-ups for the time being but in the months and years to come there will be hundreds of new companies embracing these new currencies.

Changing the world in which we work and where we work together across an increasing smaller global marketplace is the future and it’s an exciting one.

About Grace: 

Grace Carter is a content manager at Big Assignments  and Elite Assignment Help services.
She curates content publishing, reviews submissions and works with a team of editors. Also, Grace teaches business writing at OX Essays

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