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What Apple Can Teach Us About Style

In case you hadn’t noticed, Apple is fantastic at marketing. Every year, millions of their acolytes emerge from their parent’s basement, seeking the latest devices from the company so they can return to the world of cyberspace for another year, avoiding the real world entirely.

Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration. But there’s no denying that Apple is the expert when it comes to branding and marketing. No other company seems to be able to get their fans out on the streets in the numbers that Apple does. It seems that once you’re an Apple customers, you’re a devotee for life.

But what is it about the company that makes this level of loyalty possible. The level of commitment shown by Apple customers is the sort of thing you’d expect if Apple was a local business whose customers personally knew and respected the owner. But Apple is no such thing. It’s the second largest conglomerate in the world.


So what can Apple teach you about style and marketing?

People Like Pretty Things

Archaeologists have unearthed bits of jewelry from more than 10,000 years ago, suggesting that people have liked pretty things for a long time. A love for the aesthetic seems to be something that is hardwired into our brains. Apple knows this very well, which is why they’ve always emphasized form over function with all their products, something that the rest of the tech industry finally appreciates thirty years late. Apple has always used great materials in their gadgets, pioneering the use of aluminum instead of plastic and emphasizing the importance of packaging for all their products.

If you run a small business, these great tips should give you an idea of how to present yourself. Even if you don’t sell a product, it’s still important to have a presentable office to entertain clients. If you’ve ever been into an Apple store, you’ll have noticed that it’s a little different to most stores you’ve encountered. They’re minimalist, interactive, and most importantly, fun.


People Like Big Photos

Here’s another thing Apple taught us that people like: big photos. They use them all over their websites and in their marketing material. In fact, if you’re ever unsure whether or not you’re looking at Apple marketing, check the size of the photos. If you see lots of smaller pictures or diagrams, the chances are that you’re not actually looking at an Apple message.

If you want some of Apple’s style, make sure that your business is dominated by large, well-constructed photos of your products. If you don’t have any products, make sure that there are pictures of you and your offices with people busily beavering away, meeting client’s needs.


Keep The Message Simple


What’s Apple’s core message? Essentially, it’s that they’re easier to use than PC. In fact, this has always been Apple’s message and it’s why they’ve survived so long as an alternative to the main Windows market. A simple message can go a long way. To introduce the iPhone, all Steve Jobs said was “revolutionary phone.” Terse and true, all at the same time.


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