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Is Your Business App As Good As You Think?

Business apps are becoming more important by the day. As the world starts stepping away from laptops & computers, and picking up tablets and smartphones, the need for apps is every growing.


Your business has to develop an app to cater to this mobile market. Not only that, but a good app can enhance your reputation and improve customer satisfaction too. All things considered, there’s no downside to creating a business app.


There is, however, a downside to releasing a business app that doesn’t work well and is full of errors. It can have the opposite effect and make your business look extremely bad. The problem is, many businesses rush their app development and release and app that’s nowhere near the quality it needs to be.


So, how do you tell if your business app is as good as you think? It’s simple, you find all the errors and ensure they’re fixed and that your app functions perfectly. There are many ways you can do this, and we’ve listed a few down below:


Logging is a technical term that refers to going through your app and logging any errors or faults that crop up in the coding. One of the most popular ways of doing this is through Java logging. There are loads of Java logging tips out there, and they’ll help you identify those big errors that have a huge impact on user experience. This is essentially a technical way of testing your app before you let other people get their hands on it.

Beta Testing

Before the full release of your app, you should release a beta version for users to test. You don’t want to let too many people have access to it, just a small sample size will do. In some cases, you could just get your employees to download the beta app and test it out. Alternatively, you could contact customers via email or on social media, and ask them if they’re interested in testing out your app. Beta testing is a great way to get users to identify errors in your app before it’s released. This helps you get those little niggling errors you might have missed when you were logging.

User Feedback

You may think that your job is done when you’ve released your app for public use. However, you still aren’t 100% certain that it will be as successful as you hope. As such, you depend on user feedback to tell you more. Get people to review your app when they download it, and it will tell you a lot about the application. They can pinpoint what they like and dislike, as well as notify you of any errors that somehow slipped through during the previous two phases. Based on their feedback, you might alter certain things in your app and add more features or take away things they didn’t like. Then, you update it and consult the feedback again. This keeps happening until the negative feedback dies away. Then, you know you’ve got a good app.


It’s essential that you find out if your app is good or not. A good app provides many business benefits, a bad one can drag your company down.

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