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How to Choose Your Headphones or Earphones

It’s not always easy to choose a pair of headphones or earphones. After all, there are so many different makes and models on the market that it can seem a little overwhelming at times. Factors like the price, quality, and durability are all things that can contribute to the selection process, and all things that you should bear in mind. Here are a few tips to help make the process a little easier.

#1 Buds or Headphones?

The first choice you need to make is between earphones (buds) or headphones. Some people find that headphones can be a little bulky, especially if they plan to exercise in them. Others find that they are the best option because earphones cause their ears to become sore after extended use. The best way to decide for yourself is to try a few pairs of each on before you buy.


#2 Bluetooth?

Everywhere you look you see Bluetooth. It’s the way forward, and something that the future is embracing. Wireless headphones and earphones are here, and they are better and more advanced than ever before.

There are no irritating wires, and they sit comfortably on your head (or in your ears). Plus, many of them will allow you to switch tracks and adjust the volume using controls on the earpieces, all without having to stop and fiddle with your phone. Some will even let you pick up calls, so you can always stay on the move.

#3 Water and Sweat Proof

The sweat proof aspect is a definite must if you plan on running or exercising in a pair of headphones or earphones. This is because the sweat proof features will prevent them from slipping off your head or out of your ears while you are exercising. They can also help to prevent soreness and spots that are caused by excessive sweat.

Waterproof headphones or earphones are perfect for everyone and every type of use. After all, there is nothing worse than headphones becoming damaged because you got caught out in the rain. Just make sure you check how waterproof they are first, as some are only protected against a light British drizzle, and others can withstand torrential rain.


#4 Sound Quality

This is one of the most important aspects. After all, the reason you are buying headphones or earphones is for a good quality of sound. It should be clear and crisp, with no distortion and a smooth bass. The bass, however, is often down to personal taste than general consensus. Some people like noise cancelling headphones as well, blocking out all background noise so that it is just them and the music. These are not hard to find and come in a range of prices.

#5 Durability

Buy good quality headphones or earphones that you know are going to last a while. They may be a little more expensive, but they will certainly be worth it in the long run. They should be able to go years without faulting, and survive being bashed around in your rucksack. Buy a pair that was made to last.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to choose the right pair of headphones for you. Whether you want them for sports or leisure, each of these points applies. It’s important to make sure you are comfortable, the sound is great, and that you have a pair of durable and reliable headphones. So, when you go out to buy, remember this guide.

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