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How to play vinyl with AirPlay or Bluetooth to HomePod and more


In the age of digital media, users may sometimes forget what it was like with physical media formats, specifically with audio. Through the years we’ve had CD, cassette, digital, and vinyl. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to play vinyl through something like your Bluetooth headphones, modern speakers, or even HomePod?

We’ve scoured the web and have done extensive testing just for our readers. Here are the best ways to play vinyl through a digital audio source.

The cheapest method

If you’re looking for the cheapest entry point to getting this done, your best bet is to find a record player that has RCA or 3.5mm out. From there, you can either plug them into your audio device (speaker/headphones) directly, if they support that, or buy a Bluetooth transmitter for your wireless Bluetooth devices for a seamless experience. The only issue with this is you won’t be able to play through AirPlay-only devices such as a HomePod with this setup.

If you want to have AirPlay instead of Bluetooth, you’ll unfortuantely be out of luck. Something like the now-discontinued AirPort Express can only output audio to external devices, not take an existing signal and convert it to AirPlay.

The more convenient method

This isn’t really a “method” so to speak. But, if you’ve never owned a vinyl player and would like to start, here’s how you can future proof yourself.

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