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[Tech Moves] 15 Ways To Take Better Iphone Photos in 2016



The Culture Supplier – Marcus Gilmore

1. Edit photos after the fact

Fake it ‘til you make it. Apps like Photoshop TouchSnapseed, and Darkroom are all great for touching up your pics after the fact, allowing you to correct color imbalances, straighten, etc.

2 . Use the volume buttons as shutter buttons

One of the many downfalls of a screen-based shutter is stability, and it’s further tested every time you jostle your phone to get the perfect shot. Use the volume controls on the side to snap your shots instead, and keep a tighter grip.

3 . Test out HDR mode

Admittedly this can sometimes leave you with an image in Willy Wonka hues, but turning on High Dynamic Range will combine three different exposures into one image for situations with less-than-optimal lighting.

4.Get low

We’re naturally inclined to take photos from chest level, but lowering your phone to belly-button height can lengthen your subject and provide a more dynamic-looking image. Provided you’re not so low you’re giving them a double chin.

5 .Enable Burst mode for action shots

It’s as easy as holding your shutter button down for a few seconds. The Burst function will take multiple pics in rapid succession, ensuring you don’t miss the perfect shot.

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