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Technology Updates with E3: 2017 Live News


One of my favorite times of the year for gaming is here. For those who don’t know the Electronic Entertainment Expo better known as E3 started this weekend. Gamers and nerds everywhere have been waiting to hear what’s in store for them. For many gaming companies, this is a key point in the year where they bring out the biggest announcements to put their company on top.

Microsoft, EA and Bethesda started off the weekend in a big way. Xbox announced the New Xbox One X, Bethesda, announced virtual reality for some if its most popular games like, Skyrim and Fall Out 4, while EA showed previews of Madden, FIFA, and the return of NBA Live! Also the much-anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 showed off a new trailer, as well as being announced for Xbox as well as PS4.  Assassins Creed also finally goes where many fans wanted it to go, in Origins, as it will take place in ancient Egypt! In the coming days, people will be waiting to see what Sony has for us, many wanting info on Final Fantasy 7 as well as Kingdom Hearts. Also this will be the first E3 for the Nintendo Switch, which recently launched in March. With the success of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Mario Kart 8, and the Much anticipated ARMS and Splatoon coming soon, this may be finally the time for Nintendo to step up as a main system and compete alongside Sony and Microsoft.


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