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The 7 Greatest Advantages of Smart Home Automation

Written by: Kevin Nelson

We live in a very exciting time. Innovation is all around us, making us more connected, designed to make our lives easier, and giving us the freedom to do things previously only considered science fiction. The last ten years have seen such a leap in technological advancement; it is safe to say that the future is now.

Look at your smartphone. It seems simple enough. It makes calls, allows you to play sophisticated games, and gives you access to information on any subject instantly, from anywhere in the world. Smartphones have five times more computing power than the first space shuttles. 

And it keeps getting better. Now manned space flight is an old hat. Cars are being taught to drive themselves. And technology and innovations for intelligent houses are invented and improved every day. Never forget a grocery list or have to get out of bed to turn off the downstairs lights. Smart home lights are controlled by your phone or by an automated system.

The New and Improved Smart Home

Originally, smart home things were simple, like a washer or dryer from the home maker guide that texted you when the laundry was done. Now, it is so much more. Let us show you a few of the more interesting advantages of smart home automation.

  • Green Features: Saving energy is the focus of many. And saving energy saves you money. So, the intelligent house has combined these with automated lighting systems that turn off a light, or appliance, or whatever isn’t being used at the time, trimming some of those energy dollars often wasted.
  • Oops, I forgot: Have you ever left the house and realized you left the stove on? Or wanted to turn lights on after dark, deterring burglars? Now your automated system detects these things and does them for you. You no longer have to worry. 

  • Fortification: Biometric keyless entry, retinal scans, and face recognition ID were the thing of stories involving robots and flying cars. Now, they are commonplace. House security is designed around convenience for you, and deterrence for everyone else. And new locks, new cameras, and even new doorbells have made homes safer. 

  • Watching the Kiddos: Your children are precious. With cameras to keep an eye on your interior and exterior, you can always see what they are doing, as easy as hitting an app on your phone. This system doubles as video security. If the worst should happen, an offsite facility has a record of it. 

  • Out-of-towners: Have two properties? With a few taps on your smart home control, you can set the temperature, lighting, and even turn on the fireplace before you arrive at that second house. This feature is fantastic if you have summer and winter homes available. 

  • Efficiency Reimagined: How well do you know your house and how it operates? We like to think we have our finger on that particular pulse, but most of us would be surprised. Intelligent houses can keep an eye on the efficiency matrix for the entire house, making sure that nothing is wasted, which is another way it can save you money. 

  • Peace of Mind: We worry about our house when away. It is a sacred place where memories are made, and the last thing we want is to have its hallowed spaces tainted by stupidity, greed, or violence. Automation is tied into every aspect of your living spaces, and thus, it is a part of your life that is designed to help, protect, and give you peace of mind. 



Accepting this concept’s realities is a huge leap forward for many people, and it can be scary for some. Relinquishing control to a computer seems like laziness. However, that isn’t at all true. What you are doing is opening time to do other things than check the lights for the tenth time. It gives your mind the ability to worry less about whether you have locked the door. It frees your mind, relaxes the stress, and is only designed to give you a helping hand. Have you made any intelligent automated innovations to your dwelling?

Author’s Bio:

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.

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