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Five Ways Your Twitter Account Will Make You Boost Your Business

By: Iman Bahrani | Chief Executive Officer of Searchical SEO

Twitter is a live social media network where anyone can jump into a conversation at any time. It is an excellent tool to communicate information to followers, as well as for engaging with them.

However, many people use it for sharing information only, and not for starting a discussion. It’s just the same as walking into an occasion and shouting at people with no one listening to such responses.

Twitter has few features that can help businesses build brand exposure and make better connections. Here are five ways Twitter can help improve businesses.

Connect with media

Using tools such as Muckrack can help in locating producers, editors, and journalists, and to discovering how active they are on Twitter. This kind of tool can help entrepreneurs and marketers decide on which media outlets they would like to feature their business and allows them to connect with the journalists who are working there.

Tweet frequently boost SEOTweeting doesn’t just help to remain active on newsfeeds, but it also surpasses ranking in online searches. It is important to use good keyword phrases in tweets as much as possible.

It is also necessary to make sure to include the company name or personal name in the bio if Twitter can’t handle it in the tweets. Because the bio on Twitter is open to search and in public, using keywords in it like the company name can help Google register content which is related to the business.

Use advanced search options to find opportunities

The advanced search options at enable marketers to place keywords that individuals can apply in conversations to locate them or their product or service. The search function also authorizes them to target tweets from a specific area so that they can remain in a community. It also helps enable local businesses to connect to tweeters within their area.

Change link headlines every tweet to boost traffic

Use different headlines to boost traffic to new blog posts or other content on Twitter by tweeting them ten to twenty times. Twitter is great for continuing live traffic so posting more than once provides a better chance of gaining more exposure. Changing headlines can engage various people. Also, tweeting at different times can reach people in more time zones.

Twitter is an excellent tool which can help find out what the target market is talking and searching. And if used properly, it can increase website traffic and connections for your business.

Reach people on mobile phones

Mobile messaging is one of the excellent ways to get in touch with potential customers, and there is an option on Twitter that will instantly send a notification text to the followers for new tweets. Whenever a marketer posts a tweet, if people has subscribed to his or her tweets from their mobile phones, their devices will automatically notify his or her tweets.

Selecting Twitter over other text marketing enterprises can help save time and money. Marketers can send a tweet which translates into a text which comes from Twitter or a social media dashboard such as Tweetdeck or  Hootsuite.

For entrepreneurs and business owners who want to do this, they need to ensure that they make a different account for Twitter and only tweet a few times every week so that they won’t overwhelm their followers. They may consider creating a different Twitter account using the name of their brand followed by the word SMS or mobile in their Twitter handle.


Twitter is a tool for communicating short messages which enables people to tweet or send out messages in more or less 140 characters to individuals who are subscribing them or following them. Tweets can have a link to any web content such as PDF document, website page, blog post, etc. or a video or photograph. It makes Twitter a potentially strong marketing tool which helps dozens of business entrepreneurs, marketing pros, and others who have used Twitter to promote their brands, services, and products boost their traffic and business revenues

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