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5 Gifts For Your College Freshmen for Back to School

It’s September, and that means it’s that time of year again – back to school! But for some young people, it’s much more serious than going back to school – they are off to college! Getting accepted into your college of choice is something that many people want to celebrate and be proud of. So, why not help a freshman who you know celebrate this brilliant achievement by gifting them one of these presents before they move away?! I’m sure they’ll love all these cool gift ideas in this blog post.

Something Engraved And Personalized

As this is a very momentous time, it’s a good idea to get them something that they can keep to commemorate going away to college. If you get in touch with a company like BossLaser, you could see about getting something engraved for them. For instance, you might want to buy a fancy silver photo frame and then get it engraved with their name and college. This is then a neat memento that they can keep with them throughout their adult life to remind them of their time at college!

Room Accessories

When your friend or relative moves away to college, they will have a new room to decorate and accessorize how they wish. In fact, some funky room accessories could make a great gift for them! Why not get them some cushions or a blanket so that they can make their room all cozy and comfortable? Framing some family photos is another nice touch, although it could make them ever so slightly homesick!

Recipe Books

Students have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to cooking for themselves. You can solve this issue for your freshman by gifting them a few recipe books. These should encourage them to get in the kitchen more often than ordering in a takeout! It’s a good idea to get them some recipe books filled with plenty of healthy dishes and meal ideas – you don’t want to encourage them to fall into a bad diet!

A Travel Kit

I’m sure that the freshman will want to come back home plenty of times through the year so that they can catch up with their friends and family. Because of this, gifting them a travel kit is a fantastic idea. You can get different sized ones, but a basic one that is filled with travel-sized toiletries should keep them going for a weekend back home.

An Amazon Prime Membership

Every student will be given a very long reading list once they arrive at college. That means they will need to buy a lot of books. To make this a bit easier on their bank balance, you could always gift them an Amazon Prime Membership. That means they can order all their books online and will receive them the very next day without paying for postage and packaging.

I’m sure your freshman friend will love opening any of the gifts above. No matter what you get them, though, it will certainly help them celebrate starting their new chapter at college!

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