The Must Have Games on Your Phone

There is just so much you can do with a phone these days. Netflix allows you to stream the latest movies and films to your mobile in 4K HD. Spotify allows you to listen to your favorite music no matter where you are. Runtastic can track your run. MyFitnessPal allows you to track every calorie entering your body.

There’s just so many useful apps that can help us be productive. Apps can entertain us and help us at work and there is pretty much no end to what apps can do for us.


However, there are times when we need to wind down. Times when we need to distract ourselves. From the morning commute to a quiet Saturday – our mobile phones and the appstores on them can provide us with hours of entertainment. From musical games to sports games – there’s plenty of gaming hours we can gain from our phones, let’s take a look!


Super Mario Run:


The big one – following on the success of endless running games like Temple Run comes the character most suited for it – Super Mario! It’s a great game and a good way to get your Mario fix on the go. Full to the brim with nostalgia and fun, there’s probably no better casual game right now.


New Star Cricket:


If you want a little bit more depth in your casual fun – look no further than New Star Cricket. A complex little game built upon simple and easy to grasp mechanics. New Star Cricket allows you to live out the career of the next big thing in cricket! From training to match play – you can do it all during your next train journey.


FTL – Faster Than Light:


If you’ve ever wanted to run your own Starship Enterprise, then now you have the chance! FTL is a roguelike space simulation game that asks your crew to flee an enemy fleet. Each time out is different, and the game is incredibly deep. It can get frustrating when your entire ship bursts into flames and your first mate flies out the airlock, so try not to shout out loud on the bus.


Monument Valley:


Monument Valley is an extremely elegant game, with brilliant, serene and gorgeous graphics. There’s likely no better stress buster around. Monument Valley is marketed as ‘an illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness’ and is probably the best option from this list if you want to sit back and decompress.


Football Manager:


The big one. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll find no game that is perhaps more in-depth on the small screen than Football Manager. Allowing you to take over pretty much any football club you can imagine, you can start your career as a fledging football manager before working your way to the big leagues. In fact, if you’re not feeling the journey you can start right at the top! It’s the premium choice for your sports gaming needs and can take you far. In your head at least.

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