Inexpensive Tricks to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Written by: Patrick Adams

Is it time for a home redecoration and a bit of remodeling, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on the project? If so, there’s no need for you to worry because you can make your home look posh without breaking the bank. The trick is in details and careful thinking. With a little bit of DIY skills and the right choice of colors, patterns and furniture, you’ll have a deluxe-looking home without splurging.

Choose the right color scheme

The first thing that people notice when they enter a room is the colors and patterns in it. The entire vibe of the interior depends on these simple details called colors, hues and shades. Colors of the walls and floors can easily make or break the inter ambiance of the interior. Therefore, you need to pick the colors of the walls that will say luxury, elegance and style.

One of the best choices is black and white. You can never go wrong with white walls and a combination of black and white floors. White-on-white walls and floors mixed with black furniture will also look classy. Make a unique interior by painting the ceiling a different color than other walls.

Add gold elements

Have you noticed how every interior that features gold trays, coffee tables with gold edges or gold details on picture frames adds a certain dose of elegance to the room? That is the next step you can make to ensure your rooms look expensive. Mixing gold elements into your interior will make it look thousands of dollars more expensive than it actually is.

How about a mirror with gold frame, or gold knobs on the furniture? Gold vases or gold details on throw pillows will also add more flair to the room. Not only will hanging a decorative mirror on the wall look expensive, but also increase visual square footage by reflecting daylight.

Marble pattern to impress

Marble tables, floors and walls have been everywhere in the past year. Therefore, think about remodeling a coffee table by adding a marble foil over the top. Marble wallpapers could be a good idea for your kitchen and dining room walls, for example. Trays, frames, and flower pots that imitate real marble pattern will blend in seamlessly into your soon-to-look deluxe home.

Add crown molding

Nothing screams elegance and class that openly as crown molding does. That’s how little it takes for you to transform your plain-looking bedroom into a luxurious ambiance everyone will enjoy. Installing crown molding by yourself will save you tons of money. Go for narrow strips to get the polished picture-framing look. Alternatively, you can choose the good old crown molding for a deluxe look.

If you’re not very handy with it, ask around and see if a friend can do you a favor. When you’re looking for a flawless finish to a spacious room – crown molding is your answer. Feel free to go further and embellish chair rails, ceiling medallions, ceiling beams, columns, and baseboards, as well.

Have a spa nook

If you’ve seen all those rich people having all the spa amenities at home and wanted all that, now you can have it without going broke. Namely, all you need to create a true Zen-like atmosphere in your home and feel like a royal is to remodel your bathroom slightly. Introduce greenery into the décor by placing a plant or two inside.

Get a comfortable armchair and get yourself a leg massager machine to help you maximize relaxation and release tension when needed. With a few scented candles and appropriate lighting fixture to help you set the mood, your bathroom will look like the poshest spa in the neighborhood.

De clutter to the max

The one thing that you must work on if you want to have a luxurious home is de cluttering. Everything that’s been laying around the house forever just collecting dust and not adding any charm to the interior should be out of the house. Donate, throw away or recycle, but make sure it’s not ruining the interior.

Old heirloom, a stack of magazines that you haven’t read in ages and many other items that somehow end stuck in your rooms need to be out of sight. All you want is furniture and accent pieces.

Incorporate art

Art always contributes to interior looking posh. How about you place a large painting on one of the walls in the living room? Even better, you can have one of the walls in a different color than others and place the painting right there. That way not only will you create a unique interior design, but also have a focal point of the room.

An over-sized piece of art in the dining room or a hallway will also look classy and luxurious. Statues, sculptures and other types of art can add character to the room and make your home look much more expensive than it actually is.

Style up with rugs

Rugs make the room look warm and inviting. Other than that, the right choice of rugs will also make the interior look more expensive than it actually is. Therefore, think about having one large rug in a living room, to cover all the major walking points. Area rugs made of faux fur or sheepskin are also great options for adding value to the interior and making it look elegant.

Add color with greenery and flowers

Fresh flowers will always add flair to the home and make it look clean and elegant. A vase with a fresh bouquet on a dining table, in the backyard and on a coffee table is simply a must. A plant in the hallways and another one in the living room will help you bring nature indoors and make the interior look fresh.

Do you need an idea about adding a level of hospitality and comfort to your space? All you need to do is get a decorative vase with a marble-like pattern, fill it with flowers.

Glam up the furniture

Old and boring furniture will affect the entire ambiance of the house. So, if buying new furniture is too expensive an option, think about reupholstering it. Swap old fabric for a brand-new one and pick out different colors too. Make sure the color of the furniture matches the walls and looks cohesive altogether.

If your cabinets got the dingy old look, it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint to them. Instead of splurging on new cabinets, you can spend under $500 on repainting everything. Another inexpensive option for polishing up the home is to change the old doorknobs and handles on the furniture for new ones. The minute you add new hardware to the furniture, your interior will look fresh and brand-new.

Final thoughts

Redecorating a home can seem challenging and overwhelming, but you can definitely manage it. If you’re not looking to spend an obscene amount of money on upgrades, the suggestions we’ve made will be more than helpful.

While many people think you need to invest thousands of dollars into your interior to make it look classy, they should think again. Creativity, effort and a few DIY skills worth much more and will certainly help you achieve the look you’ve been craving for so long.

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