10 Elevated Apartment Complex Features that Tenants Will Love

As a property manager, it is important to always be looking for ways to improve your apartment complex. By adding new features, you can attract new tenants and keep the ones you have happy. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 elevated features that tenants will love!

A Rooftop Deck

A rooftop deck is a great way to make your complex stand out. Tenants will love being able to relax and enjoy the views from up high. Plus, it’s a great spot for hosting parties or events.


A Pool

A pool is another feature that tenants will be sure to love. Having a place to cool off during the summer months is a huge selling point for many people.


A Gym

A gym is a great way to add value to your complex. Tenants will appreciate having a place to work out without having to go to a separate gym membership.


Electronic Parcel Lockers

With electronic parcel lockers, tenants can have their packages delivered right to the complex. This is a great way to add convenience and make life easier for your tenants. It can also prevent  packages from being stolen.


A Dog Park

If your complex is pet-friendly, then a dog park is a must! Tenants with dogs will love having a designated area for their furry friends to play. You can even host dog-friendly events like doggy socials or paw-tys.


Outdoor Seating Areas

Outdoor seating areas are perfect for tenants who want to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the complex. These areas can be furnished with tables and chairs, and can even include features like fire pits or outdoor TVs. This will give tenants a great place to relax or entertain guests.


A Coffee Shop

A coffee shop on-site is a great way to make your complex more tenant-friendly. Tenants can grab a quick cup of coffee in the morning or relax with a book in the afternoon. You can diversify  your offerings by also having a barista on-site or offering light food options.


A Business Center

A business center is a great amenity for tenants who work from home or need a place to do some work outside of the office. The center can include desks, computers, and printers. This can be a great way to attract tenants who are looking for a work-life balance.


A Barbecue Area

A barbecue area is a great way to encourage tenants to socialize with each other. Tenants can use the area to host cookouts or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. Also, it’s a great spot for hosting parties or events.


A Playground

A playground is a great amenity for families with children. It gives kids a place to play while their parents relax nearby. Also, it’s a great way to meet other families in the complex.


These are just a few of the many features you can add to your apartment complex to make it more appealing to tenants. By offering tenant-friendly amenities, you’ll be sure to attract new tenants and keep existing ones happy.

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