3 Best Instagram Tips and Tricks to Make Your Cake Business Pop for Enhanced Sales

Written by: Karen Anthony

When you have a cake business, you have some of your creations on one of the social media sites. Though Facebook is the obvious name that comes to your mind, this social platform is losing its effectiveness when it comes to free marketing. Its algorithm decides who views your posts and who does not. That is why you need to tap into the potential of Instagram, the growing and largest social site popular among businesses, big and small, for high-definition photos and videos.

Instagram is popular because of its neat format, visual appeal, and evolving, new features, and therefore the most sought-after social media app for cake shops.

You can make the most out of Instagram to display your wedding cakes, metamorphose into aglobal cake instructor, or become a popular cake business owner online.

According to an article published on, the online audience has short attention and so you need to pique their interest with stunning photos and videos. Therefore, use Instagram to post visually appealing cake photos, celebrations, and decorations. Here are some of the best tips to make you cake business pop for enhanced sales:

  1. Focus more on engagement instead of followers

Did you know that a huge Instagram fan following for your cake business does not necessarily translate to a huge cake business sales or profits? You might be wondering why. That is because the social media algorithms help you to convert leads into sales because of engagement and not followers. Therefore, instead of worrying about numbers, build more engagement on your Instagram posts. Study your competitors to figure out how they are performing. Build user and community engagement.

Connect with those people who are following your Instagram posts regularly to boost engagement levels. It is something that Instagram will track, as it will monitor the time your followers spend on your feed, to the millisecond.

When you build engagement, you will witness a gradual increase in the number of your followers until they transform into your loyal fans and start buying your birthday, anniversary, or wedding cakes.

You can use Instagram tools to create more engaging cake posts, schedule them, and build engagement. If you are new to Instagram, research online, and spend some time looking at cake business posts, photos, and videos. Learn how you can create engaging posts, captions, and pique audience interest. Enrich your followers’ lives.

  1. Plan your Instagram feed

There is no need to post instantly on this photo-sharing site. Plan your feed instead. When it comes to successful cake business entrepreneurs or influencers on Instagram, they never post content spontaneously or in real-time. They use Instagram posts or captions that are well-planned to help them curate a feed that looks appealing, attractive to your followers, and brand-focused.

If your Instagram feed, looks messy compared to others that look stunning, aesthetically pleasing, and perfect, it because of proper planning.

Plan your Instagram feed a few days before you post to help you create an eye-catching feed and position your cakes, desserts, etc positively to make new users follow your page, which is an effective way to promote your cake business through Instagram. If you would like to create attractive posts and build engagement, visit Blastup or similar platform for genuine likes and comments.

Plan your feed to avoid the last-minute rush and stress, especially during the festive season. You can post a little later and if your cake photos or videos are attractive, they will perform well on Instagram. Make sure you write smart captions to describe your cakes in advance that match your visuals for creating the best impression on your followers. Plan your feed and then post content on Instagram.

  1. Offer value to your Instagram audience

You use Instagram to boost your cake business and plan a feed to gain some popularity, trust, credibility, opportunity, connections, and of course, profits. You can post pictures of the cake, icing, frosting, and even videos of the cake making process. Use the Instagram Stories feature to post some behind-the-scenes shots of your cake making business.

Provide value to your followers, entertain them, and make your posts look appealing, offer ideas, tips, inspiration, and give cake purchasing options and offers to your targeted audience to boost sales. Create posts that offer something of value to your followers so that some engagement comes your way too. If you have new cakes launched, give your followers a sneak peek into your products to build customer loyalty as well as engagement.

Before creating your posts, think why you do like some cake posts of your competitors, like them, and write comments. Once you figure out the reasons, it will help you to create stunning posts on Instagram. You can gain some inspiration from these posts that you can use in your cake business without directly copying your competitor’s techniques.

Focus on providing value to your followers instead of thinking about how to increase likes and followers. It will help in building excitement surrounding your posts and boost engagement on this photo-sharing social media site. Create Instagram posts related to cake making that improves or make your followers’ lives simpler, happier, and better.


Promotingyourcake or dessertshop is not something scary or mysterious that you cannot manage. Social media marketing is essential and you need to take it seriously. Instead of being overwhelmed or procrastinating, join the bandwagon by marketing your business through Instagram photos, videos, and stories. Many small cake shop owners are leveraging Instagram and so can you.

You can promote your business in many ways. Research, read, and implement. You can also hire a social media marketer to do your job. You aim to implement a rock-solid Instagram marketing plan and boost sales. Study competitor Instagram profiles who are in the cake business. Use these tips mentioned in this article to plan your Instagram feed. Use the best photos and videos with relevant images, captions, and hashtags to promote your cake business. Remember engagement is more important than the number of followers.

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