How to Improve Teamwork within your Organization

Being part of a fantastic team is a great feeling to say the least. If your team are working like a well-oiled machine, then you will soon see that everyone feels more energized during the day and that you end up achieving way better results too.

At the end of the day, so many workforces struggle from poor communication, low engagement and lack of trust. All of this can erode your chances of having good teamwork within the workplace. With 3 out of 4 employers considering teamwork to be very important, it is now time for you to make some positive changes. Take a look below to find out more.

The Role of Leaders in the Workplace

You have to know that leadership starts at the top. If you don’t have great teamwork at your highest level, then it’s time for you to look at your leadership. It’s vital that you lead by example here. If you don’t then you can’t expect the rest of your team to follow.  If you want to try and encourage your leaders to work hard then why not look into


If you want to have good teamwork, then you have to make sure that you have good communication. Good teams communicate well, and they also talk often. The members are always happy to brainstorm with one another, ask for feedback and also be contradicted. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with one another, but it does mean that they have to communicate through the differences they have so that they can settle on a solution that is sound, while continuing their work as a team. If you don’t know how to enable good communication, then you need to set the tone. When is it acceptable to close an office door? Is it okay for someone to call another member of the team out of hours? You have to make sure that you are laying down the right ground rules right from the get-go if possible as this will help you to get the best result out of your business in general.

Teambuilding Exercises

You don’t have to go on a groan-inducing retreat in order to take part in some kind of team-building exercise. In fact, it’s more than possible for them to be short and sweet. The best teambuilding exercises often take 10 minutes or less. Before you even decide on a team-building exercise, you need to look at the challenges that your team face. Do they need to become friendly with one another? Do they need to recover from some kind of conflict? Have your team lost their leader to another department? Little things like this can really make it easier than ever for you to make sure that your team are working well with one another and it will also help you to make sure that you are not putting too much pressure on everyone, too soon. Short bursts are always better than long retreats, and they’re cheaper. On top of this, they are much less stressful for your team so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look into this as an option.

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