4 Things That Undermine Your Company’s Branding

Most companies know the importance of branding, yet not all know how to make theirs watertight. While people are generally good at coming up with their branding when it’s in the conceptual stage, things can quickly unravel when it’s put into practice. It’s not much the stuff that a company does that’s the problem — it’s the glaring omissions that cause issues.

If you’re a business owner, then take a read below, where we outline four things that can undermine your branding. And remember — for branding to work, everything has to be on point. It’s not just the public face of the company; it IS the company.

Office Design

You can’t just say one thing, and then exist in another way. Well you can, but the hypocrisy will come back to bite you in one way or another. Many companies fall short on the branding front when it comes to the design of their office. It has to be in sync with the image that you’re presenting. For example, if you’re selling quality, then a dingy office in an undesirable part of town won’t suffice. If you’re selling yourself as a cool startup, then a rigid, more traditional office dynamic will not be in sync. Make sure your environment reflects what your business represents.

Professional Experience

You can’t have one face for your customers, and another for your staff (and potential staff). Companies seem to forget that their staff aren’t just employees — they’re also potential customers, and in any case, if you’re treating them terribly, then they’ll tell their friends. Word of mouth works in bad ways and good ways, you know. Of course, any company with an eye on growth knows to treat their staff well. But sometimes thoughtful companies slip up when it comes to job applicants. If someone comes in to interview for a position, then make sure you send a job rejection email, if they don’t end up getting the position. To not send one isn’t fair, reflects badly on your company, and can undermine your branding, especially if you sell yourself as an inclusive, positive business.

Hiring the Wrong Person

How you treat your staff will affect your branding. And your staff will also affect your branding. When it comes to hiring employees, it’s important that you bring someone on board that fits with your company culture. This involves looking beyond the resume and getting a sense of them as a person. For branding to work, everyone on the team has to buy into it. And yes, one person can negatively affect your branding mission, especially if they’re dealing with the public directly.

Business Connections

It’s not what you say that defines you; it’s what you do. You can talk a big game, but if you’re compromising those ideals, then sooner or later your customers will see through you. This is especially relevant when it comes to the businesses you work with behind the scene. Make sure they have similar ideals and values to you. It matters.

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