5 Ways Healthcare Businesses are Protecting Their Workers

Written by: Samantha Higgins

When the call came, healthcare workers rushed in to battle the raging coronavirus as it attacked corners all over the world. Because they are on the frontlines continually facing the deadly virus, it is imperative that these workers are adequately protected. As industry leaders recognize this need for protection, there have been many policies put in place to take care of healthcare workers. Here are five ways that healthcare businesses are protecting their valuable employees during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Offering Quality Protective Equipment

The number one thing that healthcare leaders can do to protect their workforce is to ensure that the proper personal protective equipment is available to every employee. This includes providing medically-grade surgical masks, gloves, and facial shields. It is also important that all medical facilities are equipped with ample hand sanitizer and other devices designed to properly clean and disinfect all common surfaces as well as personal belongings.

Effectively Manage Patient and Guest Traffic

One of the biggest challenges of this pandemic is how to react to patients seeking treatment not related to COVID-19. There are still patients seeking care for other health issues that cannot be turned away. To mitigate the risk of further spread of the virus, many healthcare facilities are requiring that all patients be screened before entering the facility. Those undergoing a medical procedure may even be asked to take a COVID-19 test prior to their arrival to ensure that they are not contagious. There have also been strict limits on hospital guests instituted in an effort to reduce foot traffic in these sterile facilities. For example, in many hospitals, women giving birth are limited to just one support person in the delivery and recovery room. While these restrictions are understandably difficult for many patients, they are needed in order to control the spread of the virus.

Providing Professional Scrubs

It is a proven fact that you can perform your job better if you are comfortable. Recognizing this truth, some healthcare businesses are ensuring that all of their employees are outfitted with professional workwear such as Cherokee scrubs. Medical-grade scrubs are ideal in high-pressure situations in which you need to be comfortable and agile in order to perform under stress. Scrubs are also more effective in repelling bacteria and other germs because they do not have loose-hanging particles such as scarves to interfere in the job of treating patients. Some scrubs even feature antimicrobial properties to inhibit the spread of germs.

Bringing in Food and Other Services

Savvy business leaders understand how it is often the little things that make a big impact on their employees. This is particularly important during times of crisis. Many business leaders are rallying their communities to take care of their healthcare workers in tangible ways. Healthcare workers across the world are enjoying complimentary food and beverage options brought into their medical facilities. This reduces the need to get out and find food during their shifts, mitigating the spread of the virus. Many medical clinics are also offering a variety of other services to their employees to make it easier for them to perform their job. Examples include hand sanitizer to bring home, cloth masks, grocery delivery, and more. The goal is to take the load off of the healthcare workers so that they can focus on their work with caring for the public.

Offering Lodging Accommodations

In some of the worst COVID-19 hot spots, healthcare workers are understandably concerned about bringing the germs home to their families. In these areas, many hospitals are offering up free lodging accommodations to their employees so that they can quarantine away from their families during the peak transmission periods. Many hotels have offered up empty rooms to healthcare workers to help to fill this need. Although it is certainly difficult for these workers to be separated from their families during this challenging time, there is a peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are not spreading the virus to their loved ones.

It is clear that business leaders in the healthcare industry have stepped up their efforts to protect their workers. Everyone benefits when these workers are protected from the devastating implications of COVID-19.


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