How 3D Rendering Can Influence Your Interior Design Remodel

Written by: Amy Sloane

Remodeling is your chance to turn your current home into your dream home, so you want to get it right. With access to 3d renderings, you can get a better visualization of what your dream will eventually look and feel like.


Defining Your Why

Even a small remodel can be messy and disruptive. However, if you get what you were hoping for at the end of the remodel, the pain will have been worth it. Plan the remodel with care. Carefully walk your existing home with an eye toward the changes you want to make. Are you taking out walls, adding windows, or increasing your footprint? Each of these changes can be extremely hard to visualize.


Light and Shadow

Work with a firm that can provide you with a flexible, moving image. The difference between a 2- or 3- d architectural rendering is striking. An architect’s ability to turn a set of blueprints into a drawing of each room is remarkable enough as a 2d tool, but with a 3d rendering, you can see how light works in the room, study how air will move through your new home, and enjoy the sense of how it will feel to walk through space.



Changes in your remodeling decisions used to send the architect literally “back to the drawing board”. Current technology allows you to change out features such as wall tiles to see what the renovation will look like with the upgrade almost immediately. Before anyone picks up a hammer for demolition, you’ll know what the new space will look like.


These changes can also be transferred over to the price list. This software can recalculate the cost of your bathroom remodel if you want to swap out the tub. In addition, your change can be checked against availability to make sure that the product you need can be brought in to meet your schedule.


Code Confirmation

If you’re making any changes to the footprint of your home, moving an electrical box, or adding a bathroom, making sure that you are in compliance with code is critical to getting your renovation done quickly and safely. Of course, your architect has detailed knowledge of building codes in the area, but a secondary check is always a good idea and can save a lot of fuss in the future.


Study Your Floorplan

Your current house may work for most things you need it to do, but you wouldn’t be going through the pain of a renovation if you didn’t need something else from your current home. The addition of a bathroom or the expansion of your kitchen can move you from cramped to just right. With a 3d rendering, you can review your household needs at the moment and see what space could be in the future.


For example, if you’re planning a family, you likely will want all the bedrooms on one floor or at least a nursery near the master bedroom. As your children age, you may want to be able to spread out for privacy. If you decide to age in place, a master bedroom on the main floor may become a requirement. 3D rendering services will allow you to walk through your intended renovation space with an eye to current needs and future dreams.


Loving What You Have

The current objects in your home have meaning for you; that’s why you have them. Too often, your renovation images are bare. Others may show you the new space with showroom pieces inserted as props. 

Modern 3d rendering technology means that your new space can include images of your own belongings in the space. This is also a good time to carefully study your structural needs, both now and in the future. 

If you plan to age in place, wider doorways are a good decision, and your 3d rendering can show you how your front porch might change if you need to add a ramp. If your family is musical, be aware that a grand piano can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.


Location, location, location is the mantra for buying real estate. Customize, customize, customize can be your mantra for your renovation. Your 3d rendering will save you a lot of questions and make your decisions easier.

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