9 Side Gigs That Match Your Grind

9 Side Gigs That Match Your Grind

…. And can make you extra money right away!

In 2018, side gigs are no longer a “good idea,” they’re now a necessity and means of survival. Like I always say, every able-bodied adult should have multiple streams of income. Now is the time to CREATE your way out of whatever roadblocks are in your way.

By now we’ve all heard of Uber and Lyft, but there are several other ways to make those extra coins.

Here are some side gigs to get you some extra money right away:

If you’re a true hustler you find creative yet legal ways to make money. That may be launching a meal prep business, home cleaning service, using your pickup truck to provide moving services, YOU NAME IT! CleanLots is a really cool opportunity where you can clean litter from parking lots, sidewalks and landscapes of commercial properties for extra cash (like $30-50 per hour).

If you’re great with your hands, check out this cool app called, HANDY. Listen I moved to Washington, DC without a man to come over to fix things whenever I needed it – so this app was a lifesaver. I also didn’t have a tool kit, or drill, or most things to put furniture together. I used the app to have my platform bed put together, and I’m so pleased with the service. It’s like UBER, but for home cleaning, furniture assembly, general handyman, plumbing, painting, TV mounting, and more.

If you’re looking to gain experience with ESL – Check out VIPKID. VIPKid is a great option if you are interested in teaching children in China the English language. Other tutoring options are PrepNow Tutoring, Yup, and Prep Tutoring.

If you’re looking for consistent online opportunities that align with your skill set, I’d highly suggest Upwork. You have the opportunity to put the categories you’re interested in such as Marketing, Graphics, HR, Writing, Finance, IT, Data, Engineering, Legal, Customer Service, Accounting, and more. Upwork is such a cool consistent – it’s one of those businesses you wish you would have thought of.

If you love children, but other the ones you can give back – may be a good fit for you. They’ve even expanded the services beyond child care. You can also provide adult care and housekeeping services as well.

You can get paid up to $1000/month to play with dogs. So dog lovers – visit, So of the services you can provide are dog walking, house sitting, dog boarding, drop-in visits, and doggy daycare. With the Rover Guarantee, Your services are protected up to $1,000,000. They have an app to manage your dog sitting business and they provide 24/7 support, including vet assistance

Want to make money running errands? Try GigWalk.  You can pick Gigs that take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours or based on how much you want to make – from $3 to $100 or more. Favor is another one to check out! They serve retailers and restaurants that don’t already have a delivery service.

Many companies use customer interviews to get feedback on new products. Respondent is a cool service that facilitates those interviews that take place both in-person and online. This includes focus groups as well.

Metro trains in the northeast had a sign plastered everywhere – Swagbucks – so I checked it out and it was legit. You can earn cash back and gift cards for watch videos online, doing a survey, trying new products, and promo codes.

BFF-in-my-head, Kezia said it best, “A side hustle is not just for people who want to quit their job…it’s also career insurance just in case your job quits you.”

As always…

Shut Up Keep Grinding®, 

Jada D.

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