Are You Spending Too Long At Your Desk?

Your desk is a very important place in your life, seeing as that’s where you conduct the bulk of your work or your business operations from. If you’re someone with a home office and a home business to run, or you’re a remote worker who mainly bases themselves from home, there’s a good chance you’re sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 or so hours per day at the least.

And when it comes down to it, that’s not very good for you. Sure, you’ve got a successful career to keep going, but you need to be in good health at the same time! So let’s try and cut down your desk hours, and at least put you on your feet for another hour per day. Here’s a couple of quick things to try.

Rearrange Your Office

And by that, we mean it’s time to get yourself a standing desk, an ergonomic chair (and maybe even a lumbar support cushion on top of that), and to put the office items you need on a daily basis on the other side of the room. Of course, if you’re someone who needs to be in the zone to get any work done at all, ignore that last point; but if you’re someone who can adapt to working conditions easily, use your legs more often by getting yourself to walk a bit more.

If you have a standing desk, whilst you’re still be stationary, you’ll be on your feet and moving every so often. You can easily add another twenty minutes of movement onto your phone’s health app. If you’ve got the right chair to hold you up and keep your back and shoulders straight, there’s going to be less neck and shoulder and lower back pain in your life.

Know How to Run the Computer

Of course, you already know how to turn it on and get it working commonly and normally as you go about your business in the background, but there’s a lot of potential time to waste if your PC suddenly goes kaput on you. Maybe it’s prone to crashing and freezing, maybe it’s just really slow with trying to load programs and internet pages – either way, you can lose at least half an hour per day trying to fix these issues.

And that’s time you could put to much better use, such as fixing yourself something good to eat or going out for a run. So to try and fix this problem in your schedule, get to know the common solutions to fix your computer problems, look through and download some of the best mac cleaners, or go out to buy yourself some updated hardware to make your PC capable of much, much more. A new CPU might be in order here!

Spending more than four or so uninterrupted hours at your desk isn’t good for someone who evolved to run and jump and stand, so make sure you’re keeping this in mind throughout your career.

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