Becoming a Digital Nomad – 9 Things You Need to Know

By: Nina Simons

Growing number of remote work possibilities and internet access in most parts of the world created digital nomads, people who share a certain lifestyle, travel around, enjoy their life, their work and above all, their freedom. There is such a lot of world to see, but they are far from being drifters. Being free from working 9-5 in a cubicle, or even a fancy open-space office adds a new flavor to life. Being able to set your working hours to your preferences, in a new, distant and beautiful scenery is a dream come true. No wonder this is growing community. However, before you start your odyssey with a laptop, take a look at few things that future digital nomad should take into account.

See if you are up for this

Being a digital nomad means being able to work online with one or many clients. Being a remote worker with a steady job is one thing, but becoming a freelancer is somewhat riskier. Make sure you have needed skills and ability to find jobs online to ensure regular income. Take some time to freelance in your spare time and to get the basic grasp of how it works. Only after you master the art of finding and keeping online jobs, you can start browsing your dream destinations.

Take care of home first

Before you start organizing your long-term trip, know that there is plenty of things you should do at home before taking off to the unknown. First of all, cancel all the orders and services that you won’t be able to use, like newspapers, postal office service, internet, etc. Make sure you are out of any debt regarding credit cards or service providers.

Earn from being absent

To ensure a steady income, consider renting your home while you are away. That way you will have someone to look after your home and be carefree of trespassers. Now, one can never rely completely on tenants, so make sure to store away valuable items somewhere safe. There are plenty of companies like Supereasystorage that provide different storage options, depending on the number and size of stored items.

Manage your budget and finances

It is important to set aside some money for rainy days, whether it is to book a last minute flight back home, some emergency or when the number of clients you work for rapidly drops. Research the costs of living on your new destination, currency and accessible ATMs upon arrival. Notify the bank of your plans, since the bank can freeze your accounts if transactions seem suspicious.

Do your homework

Try to find out as much as possible about the country you are visiting, about their laws, culture and other dos and don’ts. Introduce yourself to the code of conduct, especially when going to Muslim countries.  Ignorance can cost you a small time and money. For example, you need a permit to take photos of people in UAE. There is a huge number of travel blogs and expat forums that can be a great source of information. Make sure to schedule vaccination if visiting exotic places.

Sort the papers

Look into your passports to check the expiration date and apply timely for visas or other traveling permits that may be required. Long-term travel insurance is a must so make sure that insurance company covers the type of travel and activities that you plan to pursue. Make at least one copy of passports, visas, tickets, in fact, all the documents and keep them safe.

See what else is there

Look what your destination offers when it comes your leisure time. Make sure that you’ll have the chance to continue with your activities and hobbies wherever you go since it will help you to create a home-like feeling in no time. Then again, don’t hesitate to try something new and typically local because it will get you closer to the place and people.

Rely on tech

Being digital nomad is being dependent on technology. Ease the game of being at work and on the road at the same time by using some handy apps and tools. Whether it is a project managing tool, calendar managing or accounting software, use them and enjoy some extra time you’ve gained.

Popular jobs for digital nomads

The highest demand and highest paid jobs are programmings and web design. Next to it is online and social marketing as well as graphic design. Consulting, coaching, and teaching are always in demand, same as writing, translating and editing. There is a great number of job opportunities for virtual assistants, while reasonably paid work can be found for videographers too.


Although becoming a digital nomad is growing trend, it is good to know that this kind of regime cannot last forever, since at some point you’ll need a home base. A certain number of nomads are retiring and going back to their home countries after years of traveling and enjoying their lifestyle. That is why it is important to build a business that is location independent. Business like that will ensure income, while it will allow you to travel whenever you wish


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