Best UK Business Hotels for Work Travel

Written by: Mike Deane

Travelling for business has gotten a whole new identity over the years. It’s not just about the free WiFi anymore as the continuous need for elite experiences is growing in the business world. The UK hotel scene is adapting with co-working spaces, upgraded amenities, five-star restaurants, and many more leisure features that accommodate the ever-changing needs of business travelers in the country.

If you’re on the lookout for a new assortment of business hotels in the UK, we’ve got the solution for you. Take a look at our pick of the best UK business hotels for work travel available in the United Kingdom.

Premier Inn Hotels

The list of Premier Inn hotels is quite a long one as this hotel chain has more than 800 hotels under its wing, including city centers, airports, suburbs, and many other locations. All the more, Premier Inn discount codes are a thing, meaning any independent business traveler will be able to find a deal suiting their preferences.

If you’re travelling to the north of the UK, you will find Premier Inn hotel locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, and Manchester, as well as many other sites nearby. If you’re going down south to Sheffield, London, or even Brighton, this British hotel chain offers some of the most attractive business center locations for professionals.

Most Premier Inn hotels are newly built with at least a 3-star rating, while some rank as high as 4- and 5-star hotels. Travelling while working is never a walk in the park, which is why Premier Inn hotels do their best to deliver a well-rounded business hotel experience.

Hilton Hotels

You must have heard of first-class Hilton hotels, which have been a staple in the hotel industry for years, including business-oriented hotels. Currently, the United Kingdom is home to 51 Hilton hotels, most of which are located in or around London. There are dozens of other locations in Brighton, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, and so on.

If you’re looking for a Hilton hotel close to the city center in London, opt for the Hilton London Bankside hotel, located near the Tate Modern and Flat Iron Square. This Hilton outpost is one of the most unique Hilton hotels out there, with an entire level dedicated to conference rooms, presentation spaces, and more, all equipped with the latest technology.

The Agora, unofficially named the world’s best meeting room, is located at this Hilton hotel. Is there anything else you need when travelling for business than the best meeting room in the world?

The Grand Hotel & Spa, York

Want to stay in a 5-star hotel in York? Well, the Grand Hotel & Spa is your only choice when in York. This former headquarters of the North Eastern Railway Company is now one of the oldest and certainly one of the most notable hotels in northeast England.

Although there isn’t an official title, the Grand Hotel describes itself as a palace of business, something that many of its visitors and business travelers will attest to. The Grand Boardroom and the Chairman’s Suite are two of the most requested conference facilities in the hotel as both overlook the York Minster.

Whether you’re organizing a conference or travelling by yourself, the Grand Hotel & Spa is one of the most luxurious places to stay in York. All the more, after a long day of work, you can relax at the spa or wine and dine at The Rise restaurant on location.

G&V Royal Mile Hotel, Edinburgh

On the other hand, if you are on the search for a more urban location in the United Kingdom while in Scotland, you might want to opt for the G&V Royal Mile hotel. A relatively new hotel, opened in 2006, it offers a contemporary setup for business meetings and alike travelers.

The hotel is located in the Old Town of Edinburgh, which guarantees beautiful views and popular sightseeing opportunities nearby if you can find the time. When it comes to the business side of things, the G&V Royal Mile hotel greets its guests with 5-star treatment, and the meeting spaces are a modern mix of business and leisure.

Freelancers and urban companies know how important it is not to leave the fun out of a busy work schedule. That’s why the meeting spaces have comfortable breakout areas decorated with vibrant colours, comfortable chairs, sofas, and additional features to make the most out of a dull workday.

Malmaison Hotels

Malmaisons hotel chain has been in business since 1994, opening its first hotel in Leith, Edinburgh, and the second in Glasgow just a month later. Malmaison has 15 locations in the United Kingdom and all hotels have a dedicated business section, floor, or space that are suited for weary travelers.

However, the Malmaison hotel in Birmingham is based in a converted Royal Mail sorting office and it’s the perfect location for business meetings and presentations. The hotel has an assortment of different sized meeting rooms to accommodate all types of conferences.

There is also a bar and a restaurant to entertain clients, as well as adjustable rooms with removable walls to accommodate your every need.


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