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When it comes to getting people interested in your business or services, promotional materials are a critical ingredient. Giving people something to get excited about is essential. There are, of course, total misses, and we don’t want to perpetuate the single-use plastic. So how do you give great promo, without the plastic gifts? 

Ditch Plastic

Every year companies get more exciting and innovative with the promotions that they run. Why? Simple. Marketing and promotional material work. Of course, they do. But you want to put your best eco-friendly foot forward. Instead of plastic, it’s time to think about metal straws, reusable coffee cups, your logo imprints on these totes and even seeds. Promotional materials need to entice potential customers, be pocket-friendly for your company and be something that makes sense in relation to your business. 

Great Content

One of the most potent and perpetuating pieces of marketing you can do is create great content. There are a number of things that work, but if you consider the most consumed media is video, then that is where you should be pushing a portion of your efforts. For content that makes an impact try the following:


Lists – If you list it, people will read it. There is already a list for almost everything. And if you consider how Buzzfeed prosper daily from lists and quizzes, you can capitalise on that. The key for lists is to make you longer. In general, an odd number 7,9,11,33,87 will get more clicks. Put the number upfront, so people know what they are getting with the content too. 


Audience – Being too vague, and trying to write for everyone will mean you are writing for no one. Throwing mud and seeing what sticks isn’t ideal and can waste a lot of resources. This is an easier task if you are already working strictly within your niche. Keep in mind who you are writing for with everything that you do. A connection can be made with clients and customers this way. 


Collaborations – The right collaboration is a fantastic way to double down on readers and feed customers from each business to the other. You can work together to create the right contact, and the joint effort on social media will mean you both get some tasty traffic. 


Social Media

This is likely your bread and butter. The joy of social media is that almost everything you want to do is free. You can, of course, hire a social media company to run your channels. It is always worth remembering that unless you are a big brand or already famous, then social media can be a slow grower. 


Do some research on the right hashtags to use, and find out when your local area/niche has twitter chats. You can automate much of your social media, and build massive campaigns that speak to your audience while you sleep. 


Consider adding videos into your content, here are a few app options:


  • Quik
  • Animaker
  • Headliner
  • Unfold


There are many ways that you can engage online and at events with your ideal audience. Being socially conscious, authentic and consistent will set the right tone for your promotional professionalism. 


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