Dallas Black Bloggers Launches to Inspire and Deliver on Impact

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Not each blogger is the same.

When Kayla McDowell hosted a brunch with a group of friends and social media followers six months ago, she didn’t realize announcing she was starting a group of bloggers would generate such a need.  She called it “Dallas Black Bloggers.” Each attendee was overjoyed and loved the idea. Some of the attendees stated this was most needed in the blogging community. To this day, Dallas Black Bloggers is a group that has grown into something McDowell never dreamed.  The Dallas Black Blogger group has put their flag down in the industry by hosting coffee with Bloggers,   brunch gatherings, and a specialized photo shoot. 

Originally, McDowell was pursuing a way to meet new bloggers at local events.  However, she noticed there was a void missing. “I noticed if you didn’t know anyone at these events, you wouldn’t get to know anyone,” she said.  “There are numerous times I have attended a local blogger event and walked right back out the door. I said to myself, ‘something isn’t right.’”

She thought of a way that would allow anyone to feel welcomed.  She wanted to encourage a new meaning to the state of black bloggers while increasing the visibility of their blogs and supporting each other within the community.  “I feel so blessed to be the host of Dallas Black Bloggers,” said McDowell.

As the Dallas Black Blogger community grows further, McDowell wants everyone to know there is no restriction to being apart of this community. “This is in no way to eliminate someone from joining the #DBB community.  This is about unity. This is about supporting others like yourself and aspire for each other to grow. There is no limit and the possibilities are endless.”

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