Dal to Hou in 90 Minutes

Dal to Hou

Texas Central Partners is a company that is developing a high-speed railway that will connect North Texas and Houston in less than 90 minutes and will use the most efficient, environmentally friendly mass transportation technology in the world today.  Texas Central will deploy Central Japan Railway Company’s (JRC) “N700-I Bullet” high-speed rail system based on their “Shinkansen” system that has been refined over more than 50 years of operation into the most reliable, comfortable and safe high-speed rail system in the world.

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For the first time ever, people traveling between DFW and Houston will have a more efficient and comfortable transportation alternative that doesn’t require taking off your shoes at the airport or spending hours stuck in traffic with other single-occupant automobiles.


Here’s a list of only a few reasons why this will be very helpful to people who despise that 4-hr drive.

  • Quicker
    • Obviously traveling 90-minutes is WAY better than 4 hours. By 2035, the population of North Texas and Houston are predicted to roughly double, so traffic will too.  The traffic on I-45 is projected to increase the average travel time between the regions to 6.5 hours!
  • Eco-Friendly
    • Fewer cars on the road mean fewer emissions and contaminants that harm air and water quality
  • Comfortable
    • Instead of cramped up in a car, there will be a choice of service levels, with quiet, work-friendly cabins and food and beverage options to fit your needs and budget. There will be WiFi and outlets for passengers to still handle business, read, or enjoy a movie while they ride.
    • Texas Central anticipates an eight-car train with seating capacity for an estimated 400 passengers


  • Convenient
    • Two-way departures every 30 minutes during peak travel periods. Stations located with easy access to major roadways, connections to public transit options, and plenty of on-site parking.

Check out more info about this developing project so you can become an advocate and watch the video below for even more insight on Texas Central’s plans of convenience.


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