Finding The Right Employee for Your Company

As an employer hiring in the wake of massive job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are you will have an influx of applications for each and every job opportunity you post. Despite not being qualified, many people will apply for a variety of jobs simply because their circumstances demand it of them. Over saturation of applications can be difficult to sift through. finding the right applicant for the position can be even harder.

Your best chance of success is to make sure you are clear about what you want and make the process as simple as possible so you have less information to sift through and what you do have is exactly what you need to make an initial choice as to who to interview.

Keep an Open Mind

Gaps in employment history? Run-ins with the law? There are scores of people who, by society’s standards and unwritten hiring rules that are deemed unemployable due to decisions they have made. Finding out the circumstances of their life and why they made those decisions can help you to determine if a person is right for your company. 

Writing someone off as they have taken a few years away from the workplace to raise a family, recover from an illness or even served time in prison could mean you miss the opportunity to find someone who is perfect for the job role simply because of their past life experiences. Use this opportunity to find out more about people and ignore all the tried and tested methods and strikeouts such as criminal record sealing, raising a family or simply not having enough experience.

Job Ad

Creating a job ad needs to be inventive and straight to the point. Avoid using buzz words that people can manipulate to fit their personality such as ‘team player’ ‘dedicated’, instead look for actual qualities present in your best employees and detail as specifically as possible what the job entails and what skills will be required. You want to be engaging and alluring without fabricating elements of the job and demands.

Challenge applicants to be forthcoming with their achievements and sell themselves in a more natural and less generic way.

Do you Really Need a CV and a Cover Letter?

If you don’t have time to sift through pages and pages of CV’s, why even ask for them in the first instance? Look at creating an online job application form where prospective applicants can detail how they are suitable for the position and what skills they have that are transferable. Changing how you screen for applicants can be hugely beneficial and save you plenty of time wasted sifting through the paperwork of people who aren’t suitable. Also, the quicker you can interview, the faster the position will be filled. You can ask interviewees to bring their CV with them if need be, but cut out all of the hassles and look at what each person brings to the table as opposed to what they think you want to hear.

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