What Is the Cost of Yoga Teacher Training in 2020?

Written by: Cathy Carter

Are you considering becoming a master in the art of ultimate relaxation while training your body? Then you may be considering becoming a yoga instructor, and that’s great.

But, before you can start creating your new yoga sequences, you need to think about the cost of yoga teacher training. Below we’re going to give you an idea of the cost of becoming certified and what is included in your training price.

Read this post from end to end and get ready to hold your first class.

What’s the Cost of Yoga Teacher Training?

Depending on the company that you select to provide you with your certification, the average cost of 200-hour yoga teacher training can cost upwards of $3,000 for the whole thing.

While that price can seem steep, it will cover everything that you need from start to finish to ensure that you’ve been trained properly.

You should also consider the extras that you will need to purchase, including workout equipment, and clothing for your training sessions. Now that you’ve got an idea of what the cost of your training is, we can get into what’s included in your training cost.

Fundamentals of Power

Before you can begin to teach others about the art and technique of proper yoga, you’ve got to be trained as well. And much like with any other training, it begins with the fundamentals.

These fundamentals will detail the basics of yoga, including the various techniques that you will use when you begin to conduct your practices.

Education and Business Practices

To fully understand the power that you harness when you teach and practice yoga, you need to know the history. Another critical part of your training will be focused on teaching you the history and origin of yoga.

After that, you’ll learn the philosophy of yoga. At its core, yoga seeks to combine the mind, body, and spirit.

Another aspect of becoming educated is knowing how to conduct your business. You’ll also need to consider the ethics that you need to abide by at all times when conducting your practice.

Becoming the Instructor

We know the training gets better and better once you find out everything that you’re going to learn, and you can still get all of this even when you’re taking online yoga teacher training. You’ll learn how to communicate with your students during the practice.

You’ll learn to speak in a tone that is calming, soothing, and promotes relaxation. Yoga is meant to be quiet, tranquil, and insightful while strengthening the body at the same time. To do this, you’ve got to train yourself to focus and shut out all outside noises to connect with your spirit.

Yoga Master Level: Expert

When it comes to the cost of yoga teacher training, the price will depend on the program that you enter. But, you can be sure that you’ll receive tons of knowledge from the poses to the best way to communicate with your students.

We’re glad you’ve reached a place of tranquility and are ready to begin your journey as a yoga teacher. Before you go, relax and read some of our other posts.

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