Don’t Let Things That Happen at Night Derail Your Business

When we’re kids, we’re all too aware of things that go bump in the night. We have nightmares about ghosts, thieves, and all manner of other dark-time nasties so severe they keep us awake all night. Yet, while near enough every other fear grows as we do, many of us forget to worry about what can happen when night falls.


This is especially the case in business settings when the bustling activity of daytime can make it altogether impossible to imagine what happens once everyone goes home. Often, though, business owners find that, if things are going to go wrong, they do so at night. After all, risk-takers know that this is a time of least defense. Before you know it, you could, therefore, be at risk of significant downtime or even more worrying realities when morning rolls around. 


Luckily, there is a way to protect your business from setbacks like these, and you can begin by recapturing something of that childhood fear. We aren’t saying you should jump at shadows, of course, but you could certainly benefit from putting the following night-based precautions in place.


Outsource IT security


There’s all manner of reasons to outsource IT these days, and you likely know many of them already. One benefit that you may overlook, however, is that of 24/7 surveillance. Often, we treat this offering as an added bonus, but it’s far more than that. By monitoring security breaches and potential hacker entry points even when we’re tucked up in bed, outsourced companies can work wonders for keeping our data, and our online operations safe, no matter how dark the nights get. 


Light up


Talking of dark nights, blacking out your office come nightfall might not be the best in terms of security. While switching off overhead lights can save you money and environmental harm, it also allows thieves to gain access despite security efforts such as CCTV. That’s why you’d do better to think about ways to achieve visibility that don’t cost the earth (literally). In your parking lot, especially, options like these LEpro LED shoebox lights can expose potential breaches ahead of time. Pair these with motion-sensitive lights inside, and you can guarantee your cameras, and thus the authorities, capture everything and take action fast.


Stay connected


While downtime is essential, staying connected can also help you to become aware of any night-time business setbacks as soon as possible. This can be invaluable for taking action, but it also ensures your peace of mind. Simple things, like giving an outsourced service your phone number, or keeping your smart CCTV system hooked to your mobile, can all make this possible. That way, nothing can ever go bump in the night without you knowing about it again.


Keeping a business safe through the day is hard enough, let alone when all those nasty night-time enemies come out to play. But, by embracing the fear and facing it anyway, you guarantee that you never leave your business unattended, or at significant risk.

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