How to Make Your PDF Files Look More Professional

Written by : John Black

PDF is arguably one of the most popular file formats that we use today in the business industry. Most people believe that PDF is the most suitable format for business users, but that does not hide the fact that it has some shortcomings as well. If you compare PDF with other online file formats, you will see that it has some limitations. Some PDF files can exceed the file size limit making it difficult to share while others may not have the edit option to make changes to the text. Apart from that, putting your business information online in the form of PDF can slow its growth as well. When you are using PDF for business purposes, you need your files to look professional and easier to use. Below I have mentioned a few tips that will help you make your PDF more professional. Let’s take a look:


Use Design and Color

If you want your PDF file to not look like a bland document, then you must use design and color in it. This is a mistake a lot of people make because adding color and design to your PDF files can make them look more convincing and professional. However, while adding color and design, you must ensure that the theme you are using is relevant to your business and is not too colorful or over the top. Keep the design simple and don’t use colors that are too bright. As long as you keep it that simple your PDF file will look attractive.

Use Soda PDF

If you are wondering whether you can edit a PDF file or not, then this app has got all the answers for you. It does not matter whether a PDF is locked or not; you can edit its text with the help of Soda PDF without any complications. Soda PDF is an app designed for PDF users which allows you to convert, edit and merge PDF files of all sorts. It also has amazing features like OCR and E-signature, which can come in quite handy for your business.

Don’t Hesitate to Add Images

If you are going to add only text in your document, then it is bound to look boring at stages. It is highly recommended that instead of just sticking to text, you add some images as well that will make the document look much more attractive. If you are creating a proposal for your client, then consider adding the pics of your previous project to make the document more convincing. Similarly, you can use other sorts of images depending on the need of the document.

Organize Your Text

The more organized your text is, the more professional your PDF document will look. If you are writing long paragraphs in the document that you are not doing it right. Instead, you should break your discussions into different headings and points so the reader can understand it easily. A good document is the one that states the purpose of the document to its reader in just one glance.

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